(Paper) Latest idea Job Interview Paper Pattern: 14-July-2011

Latest idea Job Interview Paper Pattern 14-July-2011

Company Name: idea

Job Interview: Question Paper

Aptitude Question.

Friends Questions were From anteena ,emt, gsm ,cdma de and aptitude question. some of questions that I remember are-

  1. Q. To avoid distortion in underground tx lines what kind of load we should connect.
    1 resistive
    2. capacitive
    3 inductive
    4 no load
    ans. inductive
  2. Q IS GSM is tdma fdma or both
  3. Q A question on hard hand off and soft hand off
  4. Q Traffic density we were given 53 customar/ channel and 6 channenls and av. calling time 23minutes ans- 9.33 erlangs
  5. Q Nyquist sampling rate defination
  6. Q GIven 13dbm find out power in watts
  7. Q POWER in waveguide
  8. Q Input resistance of cro
  9. Q Given 3 fns of min terms and to solve to find a decoder of 3 to 8 or 2to4

Best of luck.

Exam/Interview Date: 14-Jul-2011

No of Rounds : Screening Test, Aptitude Test, Technical Round-1, Client/Manager Interview

Location: Other

Contributor Name: Ravi