(Paper) Latest Birlasoft Fresher Job Interview Paper Pattern : 09-May-2011

Latest Birlasoft
Fresher Job Interview Paper Pattern : 09-May-2011

Company Name : Birlasoft
Type : Fresher
Job Interview, Question Paper
Hello friends My Name is Rahul Singh Pursuing B.Tech from Hindustan College of Science and Technology, Mathura  I would like to share my experience. Nearly 3000 students appeared from colleges of NOIDA, Meerut, Agra, Mathura and Ghaziabad. It was an off-campus recruitment drive held at Sharda University, Greater Noida. 200 were selected in the written round. It was followed a GD in which nearly 100 students were able to clear. The next round was a technical cum PI round in which nearly 70 were selected and I was among the selected.

Total No of Rounds are 3: The selection procedure comprised 3 rounds. The first round was the written round on 5 FEB 2011. There were a total of 5 question papers each containing 15 questions of multiple choice types. There was a cut off for each section. Each paper was given for 15 minutes then taken away and the next paper was given. Each question carried 1 mark. There was negative marking. The first paper included questions from English, the English section included antonyms, synonyms, sentences with nearly the same meaning which required identification of the correct sentence, and aptitude questions similar to that of the questions from R.S.AGARWALL. There was no Sectional cut off. The Second Paper included Quantitative Section, Third included Analytical reasoning, the fourth paper included questions on C language and the fifth paper included questions on RDBMS, Software Engineering, JAVA, OOPS.

Group Discussion  Round: The HR laid stress on the COMMUNICATION SKILL and SELECTION OF GOOD POINTS in favor of the topic. My topic was EFFECT OF VALENTINES DAY ON INDIAN SOCIETY. I concluded and also spoke 6 sentences in between. To qualify the GD one needs to speak valid points for nearly 2-3 minutes and give others a chance to speak.. Do not get excited and do not make it a fish market. ON the 7th of June we had two rounds. . GD round was followed by the TECHNICAL CUM PI round. All the qualifiers of the GD were divided into 4 groups. Four different HRs took charge of three different groups. My name was called up in the evening around 5 pm. While entering I requested "May I come in Sir?". After entering I placed my resume on the table. and the paper that was given to me after qualifying GD where I had to fill my details.

The questions he asked were as follows:
Q: So Rahul tell me something about yourself ?
A: I gave him my brief introduction.

Q: So What have you done in your Final year project. Can you give me a detail of it?
A: I explained him about my project and my role in it.

Q: So you have done a course in Advanced C. What is the difference between C and Advanced C. What extra features are there in Advanced C?
A: In Advanced C we have the Graphics concept and the use of Files.

Q: Can you brief me about the VHDL and PHP training that you did?
A: I explained him.

Similarly he asked me questions like
1. What is the difference between Electrical devices and Electronic devices?
2. What is the difference between Top Down Approach and Bottom Up Approach?
3. What are Software development steps?
4. Can we use, main, anywhere in the program?
5. What is Function Overloading and Function Overriding?
6. Is computer a electronic device or electrical?
7. What are different testing techniques?
8. What is a Black Box in an Airplane?
9. What is the colour of the black box?
These were most of the Technical questions.

The HR questions were as follows.
1. Tell me about yourself?
2. So you are a good motivator. Cite an example in your real life how you motivated someone to do a work?
3. What are your hobbies?
4. Do you want to ask any questions?
I answered him politely that the pre-interview session was very informative, all of my doubts were cleared.
At last he told me, "Congratulations and Thank you Rahul." and shaked hands with me.
I said, "Thank you Sir."

This is how I prepared (tricks and tips)

A. Prepare from previous year Papers available on Internet.
B. For quantitative section prefer Arun Sharma for CAT.
C. For Technical Interview: Cracking the IT interview by Balasubramanium.
D. You can also download concepts of C language from http://www.placementpapers.us/c/400-latest_c_language_interview_questions_answers.html
E. http://www.placementpapers.us/c/159-oops_interview_questions.html for JAVA.
F. http://www.placementpapers.us/net/ for .net
G. For HR round prepare your answers in advance
H. For Group Discussion round read editorial Page of English newspapers and read articles on internet

I think I was selected because:

A. I never lost my calm and answered the questions exactly what was asked.
B. I was confident and precise in my answers.
C. Never gave up in the interview and maintained my calm.

My advice to aspirants is..

A. Never try to engage the interviewer with approximate answer.
B. If you don’t know the answers reply politely: I am very sorry sir I am not able to recollect the answer at this moment. Kindly can you please ask me the next question.
C. Prepare concepts of C Language and Software Engineering thoroughly.
D. Speed matters a lot in aptitude test. Practice aptitude along with a watch.
E. Accept criticism from your interviewer.

Exam/Interview Date : 05-Feb-2011
No of Rounds : Aptitude Test, Group Discussion - GD, Client/Manager Interview
Location : Noida
Contributor Name : Rahul