(Paper) Amdocs Latest Fresher Job Interview Placement Paper Pattern : 04-June-2011

Amdocs Latest Fresher Job Interview Placement Paper Pattern :

Company Name : Amdocs
Type : Fresher
Job Interview, Question Paper 

Hello friends, Paper held in AMDOCS Magarpatta city Pune. The recruitment process consists of the following rounds for SME-Testing Post:

No of Rounds:

  • Aptitude test (General + Technical)
  • Technical Interview
  • HR Interview

Aptitude Round: The duration of the test was approximately 150 min. There were 95 questions. I am not aware of what criteria they were using, like whether they used negative marking or not. But be sure before filling the bubble. The aptitude test comprises mainly of two sections: General Aptitude Test-Contains 3 Subsection-Passage-10Ques, Quantitative-20Ques, Third One (Attention On The Details)-20 QuestionsTechnical Test-Contains 3 Subsection-Testing-15, Unix-15, Sql-15 Total 95 Question in 150 Minutes It was meritrac paper According to me meritrac does not use negative marking.

General Aptitude test: The general aptitude test consisted of the following sub-sections: Quantitative 20 Question-You should be very fast in this section. Question .12 to 15 was a question set on cube which was colored yellow and blue. bla bla bla. it was four colors. questions were on if you cut the cube then. qno.16 to 20 was a set on cube which had some signs like star, square, circle on its faces....questions were on like circle is opposite to square. star is adjacent to triangle if you do both questions with cube diagram with concentration you may crack above questions. questions were not so much difficult. one q was on permutation combinationqno.1 to 4 was on vein dia...qno.7 to 10 was 2 sets. like if A is 15th in his class rank from top. question.6 was on like eg. if M is 7 from right and N is 16th from left if they replaced there place now M is 9 from right....how many persons are there in a queue

Third one (Attention on the details)-ques were on if / is -, if + is * , if * is /, if - is + find the output of following equation. Question were on if / is -, if + is * , if * is /, if - is + find which equation is correct. Question were on pattern matching like erf7th2qw92g . we have to check which option matches from the question 3 set of 12 questions were on conditions based. one question  was like if students want to join a seminar there are 6 conditions....if any condition is true student of same institute or other institute or working guy may join the seminar 20 questions. Passage 10 Question-A passage was on paneling like 2 stage pipeline, 4stage pipeline. read the passage and answers those questions.

Technical Test: Software Testing Concepts-15 Questions. All Question Were On Your Basic Knowledge No Calculative Question On EA And BVA Like. Just Theoretical Questions. You Have To Just Read Out N Tick The Answer Sorry To Say I Don't Have Remember.

Question Was which Of The Following Items Would Not Come Under Configuration Management?
A) Operating Systems
B) Test Documentation
C) Live Data
D) User Requirement Documents

Question Was On Testing Principle Go Through The ISTQB Material Question From The Softwaretestinggenius Website It Will Work

UNIX-15 Question: Questions on function of tee. Question based on grep cmd Question on $$, $#, $*. Questions on soft link and one on hard link. hard link queue was on how to link the file how would you list the directory ONLY. Option were like ls -d or bla bla bla. Question on chown

SQL-15 Question: What does not come in DML drop insert 7 to 8 questions were on join. in some questions we have to just check the query statement.but this was the toughest part. it took time...question were very lengthy. 2 Question on FK and PK

Best of  Luck

Exam/Interview Date : 04-Jun-2011
No of Rounds : Screening Test, Aptitude Test
Location : Pune
Contributor Name : Chetna