(Paper) Latest Yana Software Pvt. Ltd Fresher Job Interview Paper Pattern 19, January 2011

Latest Yana Software Pvt. Ltd Fresher Job Interview Paper Pattern 19, January 2011

Company Name: Yana software Pvt. Ltd
Type: Fresher, Job Interview

Hi Friends.
This is Shaik Irfan B.E (I.T) 2010 Passout. I had attended yana s/w Pvt. ltd on 19,20 of Jan 2010. They conducted 2 rounds its so simple. 

There are total 2 rounds:

  • Technical Written Test and 
  • Technical interview 

On 19th I had written test. The written test on Java/J2EE. 

It consists of 20 question these are as follows:

1. it is about overloading and overriding some choose are given for overriding as well as overriding to ans this question we have to know the rules of overloading and overriding

2. can we provide abstract for a variable. The Ans is no

3.explain public static void main. we have to explain each word

4. In public static void main if we cant provide static then what will happen. 

5. write a JDBC code for save and retrieving data from database. so we have to write a program for this.

6. Differences b/w interface and abstract

7. D.B update and save or update in hibernate

8. Program to print * like this 


9.can we provide parameterized constructor as part of servlet and give the reason

10. write jsp scope variable

11.program given it contains equals() and == operator we have to write the output

12 a program some method is calling another and we have gues the o/p

Like this it is so simple we have to prefect with core concepts to qualify written totally it has 20 question time 30m but they excused 5-10m. that day evening I got a cal for next round i.e. technical 


It is as simple as written but you have to know English. In this round the technical guy asked me 5-6 question that all the question are like this

1. Tel me your strengths and weakness

2. what your expecting 4m comp

3. what u want to become after 1 r 2 r 3 yrs

4.. tell me abut static in java

5. You had chosen java 

6. You find any disadvantages of java that's al best of luck don't fear its simple to completed be perfect what u learn any queries send to my mail id . 
All The Best

Exam/Interview Date: 19, Jan 2011.
No of Rounds: Technical Round-1
Location: Hyderabad