(Paper) Latest Wipro Infotech Fresher Job Interview Paper Pattern : 24 February 2011 (Kolkata)


Latest Wipro Infotech Fresher Job Interview Paper Pattern : 24 February 2011 (Kolkata)

Company Name: Wipro
Type: Fresher, Job Interview

Hi Friends, 
This is Smriti Roy, B.tech (IT) 2006-2010 batch from Bengal Institute of Technology and ,Management, Santiniketan . I had my Wipro off campus on Aryabhatta Institute of Engineering and Management Durgapur on 24th feb,2011.more than 300 people attend this drive, Selects a very few students. I was lucky enough to get selected.

First round was Aptitude.

They selected 120 after aptitude. Then filtered it to almost 50 after the technical and finally eliminated 18 after HR. So the final list was only 32 and my name was 5th in this list.
There were three sections as usual: (No negative mark but with sectional cutoff). Time:60min

Written test

And there were 3 sections

  • Verbal: they asked mainly questions from Active and passive voice correction sentences, jumbled words, direct and indirect speech, questions from passage synonyms and antonyms. But it was easy only. (20 questions).
  • Aptitude: Questions came from partnership, probability, ages, train models, business related problems, Time and distance, pipes, problems on basic quadratic equations. Agarwal book is sufficient 2 prepare for this section. (20 questions )
  • Technical: Questions from C, Unix microprocessor, and some conversions from binary to digital so on. You can expect questions from any subject in this section. (10 questions) for this part I suggest you to brush your basic skills of c programming (Array, String, Pointer) actually I am from IT so I found this part easy. The cutoff varies for each dept

Note: Please attend all the questions. And all you need is 2 manage the time properly! give equal importance 2 all sections since v ve sectional cutoff. And I got cleared in 1st round. It was on 24th Feb 2011. 

Technical Round

I entered in the hall at 10.30. After that we were told to write an essay on the given topic. You will be given 10 mins time be careful. Even there is no elimination in this round this will be asked in your technical round. This is to test your communication skills. in this round there is huge elimination there was 5-6 panels only 18 people cleared this round on that day I was among one of them.
To clear Technical round your basics should be clear and one should not loose confidence in between the interview
I entered the interviewers cabin at 6:45pm with full hope .in this round you have to submit the essay sheet. My mind was completely blank! one sir was there.

Then he started with questions like:

Interviewer: ok smriti,,what is your fav programming language?
me: i said c++ sir...
Interviewer: why?
me: said ....
Interviewer: if c++,java are high level languages so we use c programming till now?
me: explained...he was very impressed with my answer..
Interviewer: Types of Data Structure?
me: Linear and Non Linear and told the definition as well with examples

Interviewer: what are the features of oops?
me: explained
Interviewer: so what is link list? explain. give a real example of link list..
me: told.
Interviewer: den he asked for my all testimonials...then he asked me some questions from data structure.
Interviewer: so u know software engineering...what is SDLC? what is waterfall model?
me: told
Interviewer: what is last stage of SDLC?and 2nd last phase of SDLC?
me: told.
Interviewer: what are the layers of OSI model?
me: told
Interviewer: then he told me this is your last question Smriti tell me why we are using this layer concept in networking?
me: Sir for communication purpose...
Interviewer: how?
me: explained.

After that he asked me if I had any questions ?i said no sir...actually i was not expecting positive response from his side that is Why have not ask any question because in the first half they reject a huge no of peoples
after that in viewer said: "you are selected smriti, take this form"... 
gave me the application to be filled in order to proceed to the HR round 
i was really happy.
but intw told me to take my essay sheet but that sheet was supposed to be submitted...
after clearing the tech round, we have to fill the hr form. I took a deep breathe and started 2 fill my application with hope...it was already 8pm...so,hr told us to come next day morning for hr interview

HR Round:

Next day HR asked me to submit the essay sheet.
I was waiting in a hall for call from HR. One after the other candidates came into the hall. We started chatting inside the hall. HR called one by one and each person was questioned for about 5 mins. It was my turn at 11am I entered in the hr cabin there was a lady inside the cabin...
I wished her good morning with a smile. She smiled back and wished me too. And my questions were
Interviewer: so what is your name?
me: Smriti Roy, mam
inw: tell me some thing about urself..
me: told
inw: so do u have all your testimonials with u?
me: yes mam..
inw: any gap in study?
me: no mam.

Interviewer: ok smriti,,dats it results ll be declared soon you will be informed by Aryabhatta's TPO.
me: ok mam thanks

They will test your communications skills here. 
don't take this round casually. this is also elimination round.

4th march I got a mail from college TPO. fortunately my name was there only 32 people were selected in this drive now m waiting for the Joining letter Those were memorable moments of my life Wished 2 share with you friends, I did. don't lose hope. Its very important, to be confident enough. You can do it. 
All The Best.

Exam/Interview Date: 24th February 2011.
No of Rounds: Aptitude Test, Technical Round, HR Round.
Location: Kolkata
Contributor Name: Smriti