(Paper) Virtusa Job Interview Placement Paper : December, 2010

Virtusa Job Interview Placement Paper : December, 2010

Company Name : Virtusa
Type : Fresher Job Interview


  • 65% B.Tech., (without backlog)
  • No SSC & Inter/Diploma % is considered

Exam Type: Written Test
2:30 hrs

Exam pattern:

Written Exam:

  1. Verbal: 30mins-30 Question / Passage, Tenses, Article.
  2. Reasoning: 30mins-30 Question / Blood Relations, Digs, Coding..
  3. Algorithms: 30mins-20 Question / Time complexity & o/p
  4. C/Java (Optional): 20mins-10 Question /Program is given &op is found
  5. Learning Ability: 15mins for reading passage / Passage will be taken after 15 Minutes 10 Minutes for answering 10 Question
  6. Mail Writing: 15mins / hints will be given, 100 bits 2hrs 30 Minutes, No negative marking

Technical Round:

Me: Excuse me sir (While opening the door).
Technical Interviewer: Yes, come in Rajeswar Reddy.
Me: Good Morning sir.
Technical Interviewer: Good morning take your seat.
Me: Thanks sir
Technical Interviewer: Rajeswar Reddy tell me about your self
Me: I started telling about my academic background, ie., B.Tech, Inter.
Technical Interviewer: Its ok. are you from ..?
Me: CSE sir
Technical Interviewer: Do u know Java (By seeing my resume, where I have mentioned C & DBMS).
Me: Me good at C.
Technical Interviewer: Are you good at C
Me: Yes I am very good at C
Technical Interviewer: Don’t you have Java as core subject?
Me: Sir Java is one our core subject.
Technical Interviewer: write A Java program of adding two numbers.
Me: I had written.
Technical Interviewer: Its k. but I no need all these steps. Can you write it in a single step. ie., Declaring , Adding, Printing o/p at single step.
Me: Sorry sir, I can’t.
Technical Interviewer: what is your hobbies
Me: Internet browsing, Playing system games, practicing hacking techniques. Etc..
Technical Interviewer: Can u speak about something continuously 5 minutes.
Me: Yes, sure sir.
I started telling about my greatest achievements..
Then I said APJ Abdul Kalam as my inspirational person and some lines about him.
Technical Interviewer: I will ask a Question, if you tell it you may be promoted to next round.
Me: Ok sir
Technical Interviewer: I’m your team leader and you are having an important work which you can't escape and should be there by 4 pm. But here the work to be done by you is till 9pm. There is no chance of completing early. How can you react are you will solve this situation.
Me: Sir I will make a request..
Technical Interviewer: No, the work is impotent to me. I will not accept your request.
And also its not the right ans.
Me: Sir, as I’m one of the team member. I will allocate my work to my team members.
Technical Interviewer: Yes, its the Best answer.
Good Luck Rajeswar Reddy.
Please wait out side.
Me: Sure sir, Thanks a lot..

HR Round:

HR: Good Morning Rajeswar take your seat.
Me: Good morning sir.
HR: Tell me about yourself.
Me: I started telling all my academic details, Family background, Strength, Weakness, Hobbies, Areas of interest, Activities.
HR: Are you feeling nervous (Given feedback)
Me: Little bit sir
Three other candidates joined me.
HR: may I know all of your names please?
Every one introduced themselves.

Group Discussion:

GD was conducted for for of us.
Topic: Internet surfing at remote areas.
5 minutes given for preparing the topic. And one of the std initiated the GD. Later I participated in the GD actively after 2 minutes. Around 20 minutes GD was done. HR asked to stop the GD. No one concluded GD. Then HR given the feedback of every one. HR was somewhat impressed with my discussion.
HR started asking questions among for of us and given 60 seconds to answer the questions.
There were 10 balls of same color & same size. 9 were 10kgs , 1 was 9 k. A balancing pan is given with no weights and with in 3 chances the ball is found.
Me: I answered this questions.

  1. 5 balls is taken on side , 5 on another side. The low weight 5 balls are taken.
  2. Now a ball is removed and 2 placed on one side and on another. If both sides are same then the ball with us is the 9kg. The low weight side 2 balls are taken. 3 the 2 balls r placed 1 on each side and 9kg ball is found.

HR: There is a 16 flours building of each floor with 1500 sqrfts. is given to 3 contractors A, B, C.
A contractor will take 7 floors. B will take 4 floors. What will be the area that c contractor will be taking?
50 seconds time is given to ans.
I had not answered it.
One of my friend answered it
1500*5 sqrfts.
HR: Ok friends you can leave.

Total Candidates appeared for written exam: 240
Written cleared: 70
Technical Round cleared : 35
HR Round: 26

I were the first person who completed HR and I was selected.

Exam/Interview Date : 23-Dec-2010
No of Rounds : Aptitude Test
Location : Hyderabad
Contributor Name : Rajeswar Reddy.T