(Paper) Thirdware Global Solutions Fresher Job Interview Paper Pattern 21st January 2011

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Latest Thirdware Global Solutions Fresher Job Interview Paper Pattern 21, January 2011

Company Name : Thirdware Global Solutions.
Type : Fresher, Job Interview, Written Test.
Thirdware Global Services Package: 3L
Technologies: SAP/Oracle/JAVA/.NET

There were Total 3 rounds:

1. Aptitude(37 Questions including an essay) Duration :1Hr.
2. Technical Interview
3. HR

Aptitude topics:

Problems on Age, Height, Profit n loss, calendar, synonyms. At the End of the paper we had to write an essay.

  • Inflation in India.
  • Terrorism and Politicians
  • Cricket in India

Note: The essay had 4 marks weightage so write it properly!

Technical Interview:

  • Firstly they will ask you your Favorite subject. Please don't tell any H/w and Networking related topic as your favorite subject because its a s/w company and they need guys who are good at programming and Database.
  • Most of the questions were asked on DBMS so do it thoroughly.
  • Questions like, Normalization, inner join, outer join).
  • I was also asked to draw VB forms on rough paper and also specify what property I would b setting for each control.
  • Some of the guys who told that their favorite subject was c /c++/Java were asked to write a program to reverse a string .
  • Questions were also asked on Mini project/Final Project.


1. Tell me something about yourself.

2. Your Family Background.

3. Your Hobbies. They take it seriously and ask questions based on it to know whether u genuinely like the specified hobby or not . I had mentioned Photography and he asked me the difference between SLR and DSLR. The HR guys are technically sound)

4. Any Questions? (Ask some which would show some interest about the company!

Note: Take the HR round seriously!! Its not just a formality most of them got eliminated in the HR round too.

Exam/Interview Date: 21st, January 2011
No. of Rounds: Aptitude Test, Technical Round-1, Client/Manager Interview
Location: Mumbai
Contributor Name: Vipul Shenvi.