(Paper) Temenos Fresher Jobs Interview Placement Paper Pattern: February 2011


Company Name: Temenos
Type : Fresher, Job Interview

  • Paper : 111 Questions in 60 Mins. (No -ve marking)
  • Basic Ratio, Profit & Loss, Time & Distance, Time & Work, Boat, Train Avg. SI CI Area, Volume

I attended around 89 questions:

  • 11 colleges participated around 700 appeared.
  • 70 Cleared Aptitude, 36 Cleared Technical, Finally 25 Cleared HR I am lucky 2 be in this list.
  • Aptitude was easy basic Quantitative from RS Agarwal.
  • In Tech the asked Basic C/C++ programs n concepts of C C++ Basic definitions. If you write 2 out of 3 progs. correctly  then if u answer the 75% of the Ques. you can be confident in clearing they asked.
  • DBMS Queries, Data Structure Questions Sorting, Trees etc.

As I've mentioned OOPS and this as my interest.

HR was normal:

  • Tell me at urself.
  • What u know abut Temenos.
  • Why should I hire you?
  • Why you rejected in previous interviews.
  • Your goals in life.
  • Will you be ready to work in Africa n Afghanistan
  • Be confident talk positively job is yours.
  • Be confident, Think u know all don't get tensed,

Exam/Interview Date : 01-Feb-2011
No of Rounds : Aptitude Test
Location : Chennai
Contributor Name : Silpa