(Paper) Latest Tech Mahindra Fresher Job Interview Paper Pattern 27-Feb-2011


Latest Tech Mahindra Fresher Job Interview Paper Pattern 27-Feb-2011

Company Name : Tech Mahindra
Type : Fresher
Job Interview, Question Paper

Hi Friend's
There were 3 rounds:

  • Written
  • Technical Interview
  • ┬áHR Round

Written test:
Aptitude (40 mins, 3 sections)
English (40 mins,6 sections)
Remember Cut off mark is for aptitude and English. Not for each sub-section. They will only say that there is cut off marks and no negative marking.
1. Logical questions on latter arrangement [about 10-15 questions]. Like abc:def::pqr:? . As simple as that. No tough questions are there.
2. time-distance, work & time, trains, percentage, P&C, Partnership, Odd one out, Series See You can attend the test without much preparation of these topics. And answer mainly this section in which you feel most comfortable. It is not necessary to answer all the sections equally. Ans any one section properly. And if time left answer other sections a bit. Overall you have to answer 30-40% of the total questions in each test i.e in aptitude and English. English test: English part is very easy and scoring. There are small passages, articles, prepositions, tense, sentence correction, synonyms, word meaning etc. You can do it with very basic knowledge only.

Technical Interview Round: In Technical round you have to be sincere enough. They are enough experienced. It was a 45 mins interview. They ask question from different subjects. Questions are very basic but you should be acquainted with those topics.
1. Different N/W protocols and Layers.
2. If you mention data structure, prepare stack , queue and linked list and tree with programs. They often ask to write programs on paper.
3. C++ is a good choice, If you know it. Else Java,J2EE is best. In object oriented language they ask very conceptual questions and ask to write programs also.

HR Round:
This is formality. Most probably they want to confirm whether you are mad or not. Just kidding. This round is surely for checking your communication skill.
1. They asked question like
2. Tell me about yourself?
3. Why should we hire u? [Only three reasons]
4. Speak on any topic.
5. What is your favorite. Color? Tell me something about that.

Best of luck for your exam. Hope to see you in Tech Mahindra.

Exam/Interview Date : 27-Feb-2011
No of Rounds : Aptitude Test
Location : Bangalore