(Paper) Latest Tech Mahindra Fresher Job Interview Paper Pattern 23-Feb-2011



Latest Tech Mahindra & Mahindra Satyam Fresher Job Interview Paper Pattern 23-Feb-2011

Company Name : Tech Mahindra
Type: Fresher
Job Interview, Question Paper 

Hello Friends,
I want to share my experience with all you assuming that it will catalyze your endeavor for MBT (Tech Mahindra Entrance Exams for fresher).

The whole procedure is as following:

  •  Tech M specified following criteria for eligible students who will be able to write the placement paper on campus as-10th/12th/B.Tech (EI,EC,CSE,IT)-60% Mandatory, no relaxation for any, even 59.99 will not be considered eligible.
  • Tech M visited the campus on 23rd evening and conducted a presentation, introducing their technology, policy and focus. Their team was including 3 members (an HR, an IT Architect, a Network Pro).
  • They provided a form which included columns for bio-data, skills, projects, and a declaration. It was to b submitted at the time of written test with the resume attached and a photograph.
  • Soon after the ppt, a written test (Online) was conducted. The test was online and we need to login into a session with our id's which was in the form.
    There were some protocols to be followed which was defined to us by them.

The written paper was as such- Aptitude Test Consist of Following Sections:
Logical Reasoning: 35 Questions
Non-verbal: 20 Questions.
Quant Aptitude:
15 Questions

I'll like to throw some light on this. See, all the questions were normal with no such difficulty. So all of you can solve the problems after doing your homework (like practicing arithmetic and reasoning problems). The main focus must be on managing your time rightly. I attempted the quant section in the beginning and was able to solve all of them in 10 min hardly, so left with 30 min. Then I jumped to non verbal (which is the easiest section) and finished that in next 10 min. The logical section was mixed up with figure and some other pattern questions. I ended up with 56 out of 70.

100 Questions---100 marks--40 minutes. contains 8 sections articles(10), subject verb agreement(20), confusing verbs(20), sentence framing (10), vocab(10), comprehension(10), voice(10), tense(10).buddies, u need to clear your language basics for this section, all questions were easy, again time management was major factor. I referred all these concepts a day before from an English grammar book. I ended with all 100 questions only in 30 minutes. By 10pm at night, result of the written test was announced, with 39 students out of 156 appeared were short listed. I was in the list.We were told to report next morning at 7am sharp.

Technical Interview: The next round was Technical Interview, we need to carry our resume, photograph, all mark sheets and their photocopies to be submitted at the time of interview .See, Tech Mahindra is known to not to concentrate in depth technical skills of the candidates. What they need is confidence, clear basics and a good resume. The interview started (only one member in the panel, the IT architect, as parallel tech interviews were conducted at that time) with introduction. I was asked about my position in my class and justify it. Then he threw a data structure question on me, heap sort. I explained the basic algo. Then he checked my resume and asked few core java concepts. Polymorphism, etc. Then he asked me to implement a code for overriding. I did with ease, but he added some objects in the program and called the function available in both based and derived class. He then asked me which function will be called, I answered correctly. Then he asked me about access specifies, packages, util package, Array List, Hash Map and difference between them. Some questions on my project and then asked to leave and tell if I have any question( I will request you all readers to use this opportunity and keep few good question with you to ask to them, as it may mark a good impression of yours).

HR Round: The technical round ended and 32 students were short listed for HR Round. I was able to make it. the HR round, students were called in group of 5-6,and a joint session was conducted. Each of us was given a topic, on which we were asked to express our views for 2minutes,and then an open, informal GD was conducted on the topic. So,6 topics was distributed and 6 GDs were conducted on them. The topics were common, feel free to express, quote some practical and real examples. Don't loose the fluency and confidence, as HR round is the most important one in Tech Mahindra.

Finally result was announced with 21 students placed. I was able to make it in Tech Mahindra. The package is 3.07 LPA Joining is yet to be intimated. Good Luck, and please enquire if you have any doubt.

Exam/Interview Date : 23-Feb-2011
No of Rounds : Aptitude Test, Technical Round, Group Discussion.
Location : Noida
Contributor Name : San