(Paper) Latest Tata Technologies Fresher Job Placement Paper : 02-Aug-2011

TATA Technologies

TATA Technologies came to our college on 2 august 2011 and eligible branches were Mech, IP, IT,CSE.
Though there major area of interest were Mech & IP(around 70%) , equal no of students were selected from Mech, IP & IT, CSE.
19 were selected and I being one among them.

For The Preliminary Selection There Were Two Tests -

  1. Aptitude written

  2. Technical written

These Were Done in Sets.

  1. Aptitude consists of 30 questions. 5 questions of English consisting mainly of fill the blanks with idioms and phrases, no questions of DI, many of reasoning like who is taller etc. , 5 GK questions in field of sports Indian geography etc, many of Quant, all summed to 30.

  2. Technical test also consists of 30 Question. some of them were on advance java like JNDI, struts etc, few were on c/c++, major of them were on basic java.

The criteria for selection was 60% . 51 of us got selected.
Then we were called for GD.
The Topics of GD were simple such as

  • Face book.

  • Impact of Cinema on Youth

  • Are Women Good Managers etc.

All they look for is your confidence, Fluency and some good points.

Then comes the Technical Interview.
Whole resume was scanned by the interviewer and major focus was on the major and minor projects.
All that was written in Resume was asked including any tech presentations, hobbies, interests.

Then was The HR Interview. Just be Confident and don't tell a lie.

Questions Asked Were -
  • Tell me about yourself
  • Hobbies & Interests
  • What provoked you to join our Company?
  • Weaknesses
  • Efforts done to remove your weakness

And that was all. At the end of it , 19 of us were selected.

No of Rounds:
Aptitude Test, Technical Round-1, Group Discussion - GD, Client/Manager Interview
Exam/Interview Date : 02-Aug-2011
Type : Fresher Job Interview