(Paper) Latest Tata Elxsi Fresher Job Interview Paper Pattern: 31-Mar-2011

Latest TCS Fresher Job Interview Paper Pattern: 31-Mar-2011

Company Name : Tata Elxsi
Type : Fresher
Job Interview, Question Paper:
 Hi it started off with a aptitude test. Aptitude is divided into 3 sections
Verbal: Which includes simple articles and comprehensions for 30 marks
Logical & Questions: More of logical questions quite simple and questions  include venn diagram sums, ratio sums and few simple questions for 30 marks
Technical: Since i am from CSE our technical includes majority of the questions from Microprocessor. And few questions from Operating System, And very few from C, OOPs for 30 marks. Totally 90 marks, they have some cut off. If you are above the cut off you'll be sent to direct HR without a technical interview . If you are somewhere near to the cut off, you are suppose to attend the Technical HR I attended the Technical HR

The Questions Were:

What is a linked list?
What is the Diff between Struct & Array?
Create a LL using Struct.
OSI reference layers in n/w & their functionality
Scheduling algorithms in OS
Recursive functions
Pointers and their implementation
Programme for reversing a String
It was about 30 mins long
I was selected for HR

First thing he'll asking is tell me about yourself. Will ask something about current events... not to check your GK to check your communication abilities. tell about your family. He gave a news paper and asked me to read aloud, it was t check my diction, pronunciation, etc

Exam/Interview Date : 31-Mar-2011
No of Rounds : Client/Manager Interview
Location : Chennai