(Paper) Latest TCS Fresher Job Interview Paper Pattern: 27th-January-2011

Latest TCS Fresher Job Interview

Latest TCS Fresher Job Interview Paper Pattern : 27th, January 2011

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Type : Fresher
Job Interview, Question Paper

 Hi, This is D.Alice Nickolina . I attended the 2 days TCS off campus held in Saveetha engineering college organized by Anna university . I am very happy to share my experience so that people can have a crystal cut idea to prepare for the interview Nearly 4000 students had participated and unfortunately only 85 of them was selected ,fortunately I was one among them, Thank god .TCS recruits students based on the following rounds conducted.

Number of Rounds

  • Aptitude
  • Technical
  • H.R

Aptitude Round:

Aptitude round is an online examination based upon the touchstone software .TCS has already published its test pattern in several websites and there are 70+ patterns to go through, if possible have a full view in permutation, combination, age problems, average, distance ,direct and indirect variations and some types of reasoning. There are totally 35 questions for 80 minutes. I did well and exactly by 5.30pm they announced the results, and totally 77 students were selected in the 1st slot and I was one among them!! Then we were asked to fill the TCS employee form and also given some instructions regarding the next round .

Technical Round, H.R Round


  • Next day the interview started at 10a.m in the auditorium. There were totally 20 panels and exactly by 11.45,I was asked to go to the 12th panel. There were 2 interviewers in my panel and they were very friendly and pleasing. It was for 20 minutes.
  • First I wished them individually with a good smile and they did so with the same. I gave my form along with the resume to one of them. He just had a look at my resume and form ,meanwhile the other one asked me to introduce my self and I just did. He asked me about the IT industry and also about TCS. I answered whatever I have known. Then one of the interviewer asked me for the certificates and I gave.
  • Then ,there started my time , asked me the subjects I have studied in the last semester. I do not know what happened to me ,I forgot everything and just gave a bright smile ,then started answering . he asked me around 10 to 15 questions from networks that comprises routers, switching, TCP, UDP, WAN, LAN, ranges , OSI layers, processor, main memory and secondary memory, rom , prom, eprom,eeprom etc. I answered all these questions to the bitter end.
  • Then they started asking about the project, I just explained the application with an example and they were so interested in knowing in detail but I said that the project was under study. They also asked me about my family. One of them explained about the 2years agreement , shifts ,location problem and asked me whether  I am ready to accept and I simply said that I wish to do so. For the full interview they were very friendly, gentle, so patient while answering, respectable, and considerate. I was so amazed,the way they were .
  • And that was the end, they wished me good luck and I also wished them individually and moved out of the auditorium. Then we were informed that the results would be intimated via mail or through annauniv website. But that evening , by 7pm they announced the results ..praise be to god, I was selected as one among the 85.And I also came to know by annauniv website after 3 days.

So friends be determined, whether u know the answer or not, just be strong enough to face it and try as much as possible to impress the interviewer by your answers and be apparent in exposing urself and the most important is communication. Present your answers in a simple, crisp English. Don’t get tensed , be 100 % confident.


Exam/Interview Date : 27-Jan-2011
No of Rounds : Aptitude Test, Technical, H.R
Location : Chennai
Contributor Name : D.Alice Nickolina