Latest TCS Fresher Job Interview Paper Pattern : 26th December 2011

Latest TCS Fresher Job Interview Paper Pattern : 26th December 2011

Company Name: TCS
Type: Fresher, Job Interview

Hi friends. Here is my experience and some tips that can help you in your interview.26th December ,2010 TCS came to our college.170 qualified for written test and 116 selected for Technical + HR interview.
As per my experience there was no upper cut off and lower cut off was very high almost 23-24 out of be aware of this.

Must prepare C, DATA STRUCTURE, one object oriented language C++ or JAVA and two subject your favorite. I gave Operating system and DBMS

There was no separate HR interview. Along with TI HR interview was taken. Just prepare some basic question like

  • Tell me about yourself
  • why should I hire You?
  • What TCS's main service
  • what you have 2 do after joining,

My 10+2 marks really helped me a lot as interviewer at first asked me "okay sumandeep you got 85% in HS okay now Ans me some easy question. then he started "Archimedes" law and its application then 1 Kg of each iron and cotton thrown from roof top which one would touch earth first and etc. Then he gave me a small puzzle about Santa Claus as the date was 26th December. Then he told me to explain Bubble sort with example. then what is function overloading and some more technical question. I gave all answer correctly just within a sec after completing his question.

Then he asked me what project I am working with and then told Okay Sumandeep all the best you may leave. I wished him "Have a Good day sir" and left the room.

As my interview was superb and i was very much satisfied I was really confident about selection and when my name was announced. wow.!!
But there is a sad news. There was 7 panels and in an panels there is nobody selected,. Almost everyone said that he/she gave good interview but nobody selected. So may be that is Rejection panel..


  • Always ask sir/madam before entering the room. It is your first chance to make some impression & then wish him after entering according to time.
  • don't take your seat wait for him to say it...and most importantly while sitting always sit firmly keeping your back straight. You are for job not watching Sahrukh Khan doing romance. But keep in mind.
  • always listen the question with full concentration and start making the answer in your mind and give the answer just when you believe that it is the correct answer and the best way to impress him.
  • don't fake .no fake attitude no fake project work no fake answer.
  • Just be honest and what you don't know just say it clearly don't hesitate while answering.
  • when giving the answer of the puzzle sir was trying to confuse me by saying "Really? are you sure??" but i confidently told that yes sir it is the answer.
  • Just keep a smile in your face always all time if you able to Answer it or not no matter be positive.
  • I can assure you that if you tell all answer wrong but your presentation and attitude is superb TCS will select you .don't worry about question just be presentable and sellable.
  • wish him while leaving the room.

All The Best

Exam/Interview Date: 26th December 2010
No of Rounds: Aptitude Test, Technical Round-1.
Contributor Name: Sumandeep