(Paper) Latest TCS Fresher Job Interview Paper Pattern: 24th, January 2011

Latest TCS Fresher Job Interview Paper Pattern : 24th, January 2011

Company Name: TCS
Type: Fresher, Job Interview
Hi friends, It’s really felt good to be a part of such an esteemed company.
On 25th we were having a campus drive of TCS in our college GGITS. Written exam was on 24th Jan 2011.

It was a complete aptitude test consist of 35 questions all questions are available on net only values changes in it and nothing else ,method to sole them IS question is also be same.
After that on 25th TCS person came to our college at 10:00 AM. They started their procedure.

Technical Interview

First there was a technical interview they called my name around 10:30 AM. My interviewer was too good and he tries to make me comfortable to.
He asked me to tell me about myself .I told him about me. Many students did not specify what they answered in interview here I will try to explain and share many experience with u all in as much detail as I can.

  • I introduce myself including my 10th 12th percentages and schooling after that my current status and my views about life and success. Here U can end up with a good phrase also. Then he asked me about some subjects of my discipline I told only those which were my favorite subjects.
  •  I said DS OOPS CN Data Comm. etc he asked which one is your favorite I said Data structure he asked me to explain DS with example, which can explain concept of DS. I have given the example of Library, books and book -shelves.
  • Then he asked about OOPs and its practical example to. I explain him about objects and its relation with real world entities and also said that if we can compare a problem with real world entities it’s become very easy to understand it and resolve it.

Here you have to be care full don’t speak even a single word in Hindi even if interviewer says u to speak in Hindi .

  • Then he asked some basic question like difference between C and OOPs which is basically difference between Procedural and OOPs concepts.
  • Also said me explain function overloading and asked me to explain it. Along with feature of OOPs inheritance, polymorphism, abstraction and encapsulation

After these that he saw my resume there he finds that I have written about Linux and windows OS .

  • He ask me about to differentiate between XP Vista and win 7.

Then He saw my hobbies, it was SAHAJ YOGA Meditation he ask me to explain it to. I explain Sahaja yoga. It has a very good impact on interviewer I suggest u to learn about it and also try to practice it .It is very helpful in studies and also present a positive impression of yours in front of interviewer. Then he asks me about TCS I answered him then he said to leave. After half an hour I was called for HR there a Mam was taking the interview .she called 6 candidates
And there we have a small GD (Common Wealth Games) here take care that u have to speak at least something and don’t use Hindi.

Questions were

  • WHY TCS?
  • What you do if your team members are not supporting you?
  • How you resolve their dispute?

And some more questions like that. Some of My friends were asked to solve aptitude questions also . Some were called in pairs too and asked them to explain any topic to each other and then other person will explain it to interviewer, here he was checking analysis quality and whether u can be a Analyst or not refer responsibilities of Analyst in Analysis phase of SE.
At Last my name was In the final list declared for selected students .I was like in seventh heaven I thanked all almighty. Hope it will help you my final suggestion is just be confident, speak in English only and take care of your communication skills. Just believe in yourself you will definitely be winner and get selected in campus
All The Best.

Exam/Interview Date: 24-Jan-2011
No of Rounds: Screeing Test, Technical Interview.
Contributor Name: Bhanu Kumar Yadav