(Paper) Latest TCS Fresher Job Interview Paper Pattern: 20th, December 2010

Latest TCS Fresher Job Interview Paper Pattern: 20th, December 2010

Company Name: TCS
Type: Fresher, Job Interview, Written Test.

Hey friends, Congratulations for all the people who have placed and I also best wishes for the people who's placements are ahead .

As I had direct entry more than 75% throughout in 10th,diploma and Engineering I was into technical interview(1st round).
In that I was asked about my project I spoke for about 10min and then he asked me to write palindrome of numbers not strings. Somehow managed. and he asked me about some basic c++ quest's which I gave some accurate ans. then i was done wit tech round and then I was called for HR round then. HR was a bit experienced guy.

HR Rounds:

The Question Asked were as follows:

  • Tell me about TCS
  • What do want to be in life
  • What do u think u'll be doing after joining to tcs.
  • What is your hobbies
  • What do u do other then curriculum activities?

He was very much a friendly guy and he asked me to ask him some quest if I have any I asked

  • what's your name
  • how long u r working in TCS
  • is there any plan for TCS to open a branch in Mysore.
It was around 30min discussion then he asked me to leave after wishing me best of luck. for few people they had only two rounds and for few people had 3 rounds. I was called for my 3rd round. we finished our lunch then I was called for my 3rd round around 4pm, there was 2 ladies. One lady was really screwing everybody. Asking every bit of resume so i was hoping i wont get into her panel. Thank god. I was called for another panel that lady was the HR she was very very much friendly .

First She smiled and asked me to sit. She was basically from TamilNadu she as knowing a little bit of kannada. these were the conversation we had:
Mam: Hi Vishal,:) how are you?
me: I'm fine Thank u. how are u?
Mam: Yeah,im doing good. so vishal tell me how many gf's do u have?
me: ha ha! was smiling..
Mam: well. ok tell me...Ok.. . u had lunch? what did you have for your lunch?
me: Bisibele bath:) and u?
Mam: yes i had. we usually have bisibele only during morning. her kannada was like god!! i was making fun out of her.. bt she was very friendly.
Mam: so vishal do you know about bond? she was telling about it
Mam: so vishal,u ready to go any where?
me: yes mam, but I love Bangalore (told indirectly as a hint that i love to work at bang)
Mam: No vishal don't worry u wont be put at bang.. U'll be going to TN or North India :)
me: I said ok mam No prob.
Mam: she was asking more about my achievements field in d resume the extra curricular activities . she was really impressed to be honest that saved me really...she was quite impressed about my resume.
me: thank u mam :)
Mam: Ok vishal ,wish you best of luck :)
me: thank u mam. and then i left :)

The result was announced around 6.30pm on the same day.
All The Best

Contributor Name: Vishal.K.R
Date/Time: 20th, December 2010.