(Paper) Latest TCS Fresher Job Interview Paper Pattern 11, January 2011

Latest TCS Fresher Job Interview Paper Pattern 11, January 2011

Company Name: TCS
Type: Fresher, Job Interview
Hello friends. 
This is Sanjay Mishra.ECE(7th Semester) from Noida Institute of Engineering and technology Greater Noida. TCS came two my college on 10th, Jan for Online Written Test (touch stone). go through previous papers only for this test. those papers are already posted here just get there clues all questions are repeated in my paper just there are some changes in value so read dose question well 4m posted papers concrete on question like.

Question: 18 programmer and 18 line code type there're  3 question for  me and statement type question (at least, almost, exactly some statement are true) i got all 3 types of question. so you must solve 2 set as i did and if you don't find solution there in paper just search it on google if u don get exact clue just remember it with some tricks because data may b changed..
so that is it for written paper I attempted 29 out f which 27 was correct but I guess cut off was 17-18 in my class.0.33 marks were deducted for each wrong Answer don't fear of negative marking two much but don't be two complacent once second I would say must solve papers I prepare this in a day as TCS came just after my semester exams. 
Now on 11th we went 4 interview.188 were there for technical and managerial round.

me-may I come in sir?
sir-yes come in.
me-good evening sir.
he told me 2 sit and I thanked him here 1 thing I wanna share you write in resume only dose things which u know well I was not good in C language so I did not mention about c language and I was not asked a single question 4m C. he asked me my area of interest..
me -OFC (optical fiber communication) and principle of communication OFC was one of my sub of last semester
even I mention few topics as my area of interest as multiplexing and modulation. he asked me about MUX and its application. I answered. avoid answering in chatur's way's men give simple answers and explain and den he asked about my project. I answered. then some question regarding my birth place (Bihar). I answered.
he tried 2 demoralize me but i remain quiet and confident that's it took 25-30 min and I was in for HR round. 
Few question of HR Rounds:

  • tell me about yourself?
  • why gap?
  • wanna cofy??i said no.
  • any question ??Ii was prepared for this?
  • do you have any location prob?

So all I can say technical and material round was most important .prepare 1 sub along with your last semester subjects be confident but keep distance from over confidence. 120 were selected and I was one of them it was one of my happiest movement 
All The best

Exam/Interview Date: 11th, January 2011.
No of Rounds: Aptitude Test, Technical Round-1, Client/Manager Interview.
Location: Noida
Contributor Name: Sanjay Mishra.