(Paper) Latest Syntel Fresher Jobs Interview Paper Pattern: 05-May-2011

Latest Syntel Fresher Jobs Interview Paper Pattern: 05-May-2011

Company Name : Syntel
Type : Fresher
Job Interview, Question Paper

 Hi  friends this is Narasimharaju.monapati. I am perusing my MCA final year in ANITS visakhapatnam. Syntel conducted a campus drive separately only for MCA students.

There Were Total Three Rounds:

  • Written Exam
  • Technical Interview
  • Hr Interview

Written Test:
it was conducted on 10 April 2011.it is completely online test. it contains 45 bits duration 45 minutes all are large paragraphs and time killing. so prepare the puzzles here. it is conducted at my college only.
after 5 days the results came they selected 19 members out of 32 from my college. I am one of them. they asked me come to Hyderabad for further rounds. on 05 may i have the further rounds. at 10 o clock preplacement talk was started (friends it is very important hr asked about the preplacement talk).

Technical interview:
It is very easy they are try to examine our knowledge.
tr: Good morning
me : Good morning sir
tr: Where are you from
me: I am from visakhapatnam sir
tr: Tell me about your project
me I answered confidently
tr: What is your front-end tool
me: Informatics power center.
tr: Select a subject where you are strong
me I told him i am better at database.
tr: tell me about normal forms
me: Answered
tr: Asked about joined
me: Answered
tr: Again project
me Answered

HR Interviews:
HR: you are already clear the technical test if you speak loudly you will get a job.
ME: Thank you mam
HR: What's your name
ME told
HR: tell me about your name, then about my family then why syntel
ME: I answered

Then she ask me what are the 5 qualities which are explained in preplacement talk. I am not answered. she asked me half an hour back only we told to you but why you are forgot.I answered as I a have sight problem i forgot to bring my spectacles thats why I cant focus there then she asked me to leave. 5 days later my placement officer got a mail with selected candidates list. i am also one of the member in the list. its because of mercy of god on me and strong support from my parents lecturers and my friends. thank you all.

Exam/Interview Date : 05-May-2011
No of Rounds : Aptitude Test, Technical Round-2, Client/Manager Interview
Location : Hyderabad
Contributor Name : Narasimharaju