(Paper) Syntel Fresher Campus Drive Recruitment Pattern: 15-Jan-2011

Company Name

Syntel  Fresher Campus Drive Recruitment  Pattern 15-Jan-2011

Company Name : Syntel
Type : Fresher
Job Interview, Question Paper

 Hello friends, Syntel is on a all India recruitment drive and it will be visiting your state soon the Syntel campus recruitment procedure consists of 3 sections

  • Online written test
  • Small GD
  • TI cum HR interview

The written test is very easy. it consists of 45 questions on reasoning and English and u are given 45 minutes to answer it. first 12 questions are from 3 puzzles of 4 question each need to save your time here. the rest are simple coding decoding, analytical reasoning and English. time management is really important.

Group Discussion
A small GD is held to know your communication skills. very less elimination in this round

Technical Interview Cum HR: Technical Interview cum HR interview basic C, C++, DS, DBMS concepts are needed to answer those questions some questions which I faced were.

  • what is a database? where can u store data other than a DATABASE? what is RDBMS?
  • what is operator overloading?
  • what is function overloading?
  • what is polymorphism?
  • what is ++a and a++?
  • what is function overriding?
  • What is the diff b/w c and c++?
  • .what is inheritance?
  • what is calloc and malloc?
  • c program for palindrome and reversing a no?

Simultaneously the will b asking u hr questions. remember friends HR is the most imp part of this interview. listen to the pre placement talk carefully, they will b asking questions from there also. have a strong voice (it will hide your nervousness), be honest and believe in your instinct's will do well.
hope to see u at Syntel.

Exam/Interview Date : 15-Jan-2010
No of Rounds : Screening Test, GD, Client/Manager Interview
Contributor Name : Souvik