(Paper) Latest Subex Limited Fresher Job Interview Paper Pattern: 10-Mar-20101

Latest Subex Limited Fresher Job Interview Paper Pattern: 10-Mar-2011

Company Name : Subex Limited
Type : Fresher
Job Interview, Question Paper

Hi friends, Subex has 5 rounds i.e.1st is aptitude round which is basically a C aptitude once you clear this 3 rounds of technical interviews will be there then HR round will be there after that a final telephonic round which is a HR cum Technical round.

I have written my test in SJBIT, Bangalore. there was two papers each of 20 mins. in 1st paper there was 20 objective questions. questions were basically from pointers, arrays, memory allocation, and some basics. so prepare good for C and DS. after this we've to write one program out of 2. I have got programme to reverse the link list. to clear this section u should be thorough in programming basically C and C++. I have cleared this round and called for the technical interview at subex office. we were 15 people on that day. In the 1st technical they asked me questions from DBMS, UNIX and C++. it lasts for 70 mins. after this round only 3 students has been shot listed for the 2nd round. to clear this round u should b good in C Ds and C++ apart from these you Should be good in those language which you have given in your  resume I have given DBMS, UNIX etc. After this round 2nd technical started and they asked the program to explain that I have written in 1st round. apart from this they asked to write many programs in DS. questions from pointers, memory allocation etc. were asked. out of 3 only I cleared this round.
After this on the another day they called for HR round which was puzzle based. after HR round I got a call which was a technical cum HR round. they asked question from OS as i told apart from C and C++ I know OS. finally I cleared and selected in SUBEX.

All The Best

Exam/Interview Date : 10-Mar-2011
No of Rounds : Aptitude Test, Technical Round-1, Technical Round-2
Location : Bangalore
Contributor Name : Pranav