(Paper) Latest Quinnox Fresher Job Interview Paper Pattern : 20-Feb-2011

Latest Quinnox Fresher Job Interview Paper Pattern : 20-Feb-2011

Company Name : Quinnox
Type: Fresher
Job Interview, Question Paper

 Hi Friend's
There were 4 Parts in the paper of 15 question in each part

  • English
  • Basic technical
  • Quantitative
  • Logical reasoning

Suggestions: Finish the Technical and English part first.

1. Passage, 5 questions  the passage was about inter galaxy space. How the galaxies produces light etc.
2. Antonyms and Synonyms
3. A : B :: C : ? questions (2 questions)
4. 5 sentences jumbled will be given. We need to put them in correct order.
A .Name
B. My
C. Santa
D. is

Question 1: Device used to connect 2 networks.
Question 2: what is a server.
Question 3: Nand, nor, xor etc are what type of gates
Question 4: Convert from binary to decimal
Question 5: Base 16 to base 8
Question 6: subtraction of binary numbers learn all possible conversions

Problem on age
Problem on mixtures
Problem on train and man moving in same direction at different speeds
Problem data interpretation
Question was
A eats 6 idly  with chutney
B eats only 10 vadas with sauce
C eats half of A bit with sauce
And Questions were
1.who eats what
2.what does X eat idli with etc.

Series completion like 1,3,5,7,_
Three questions on series completion
Data sufficiency

HR Round 1:
First round was on public speaking: choose the topic from the list and go on stage and speak for 3 Minutes

HR Round 2:
Tell me about yourselves
What is SDLC (software development life cycle)?
Why this company?
Why should I hire u?

All The Best

Exam/Interview Date : 20-Feb-2011
No of Rounds : Aptitude Test, Group Discussion
Location : Bangalore
Contributor Name : Sanju