(Paper) Latest Patni Computer Fresher Job Interview Paper Pattern 6, January 2011

Latest Patni Computer Fresher Job Interview Paper Pattern 6, January 2011

Company Name: Patni Computer Systems
Type: Fresher, Job Interview.
Hello everyone, Patni Computer Systems recently conducted a placement procedure in Watumull Institute of Electronics Engineering and Computer Technology. The criteria was 55% minimum aggregate in 10th, 12th and up to 6th semester in BE course, also no live kts and no academic gap in graduation was allowed.

The procedure consisted of 3 main rounds:

  • The aptitude test
  • Essay writing
  • Technical + HR interview

Aptitude test

The paper had total 60 questions. (1 question for 1 mark with no negative marking). Total time allotted was 60 minutes. There were around 2-3 sets.
The test was conducted by a team called the Merit Trac. They were quite professional but few of the volunteers had little idea about the procedure.
So make sure you ask clearly if you have any doubts regarding the test before the test starts. Like question regarding sectional cut-offs and negative markings.
The paper was divided into 3 main sections:
--Quantitative Aptitude
--Logical Reasoning
--Verbal Ability

Sectional Cut-off was their which we came to know later. So make sure u give equal importance to all sections.
Also there are 3 different question papers for the 3 sections. These papers are given one at a time. For e.g. - We were given the verbal ability section first for 20 minutes. After the time allotted was over the next section which was Logical reasoning was given while the verbal ability question paper was taken back. Lastly the quantitative section was given and the same procedure was followed. The reason of specifying this is that it is important that you finish an entire section in 20 minutes because after that the question paper is taken back and u have no time to go back to it. So make your strategy accordingly.

1. Quantitative Aptitude (20 questions for 20 marks in 20 minutes)

In this section questions were asked from chapters on profit and losses, percentages, time and work, time and distance, mixtures, ratio and proportion, probability, number systems, permutation and combinations, calendar, clocks and races and games. Refer R.S. Aggarwal (Quantitative aptitude) for this section. Here the section difficulty is above average, so it’s important to select the question wisely. Try to use short cuts to reduce the calculation time. Data sufficiency is an important question in this section and must be practiced properly.

2. Logical Reasoning (20 questions for 20 marks in 20 minutes)

This section consists of questions from chapters on coding & decoding, blood relations, puzzles, data sufficiency, conclusion and inference, venn diagrams ( most important), syllogism, and few questions on common sense. The section difficulty is average. All questions can be attempted but again speed is the key factor. For this section refer R.S. Aggarwal (Verbal and non-verbal Reasoning).

3. Verbal Ability (20 questions for 20 marks in 20 minutes)

This section mainly consists of a passage followed by 5-6 questions which are quite easy but the passage in itself is time consuming. This was followed by fill in the blanks type of questions. These questions consist of finding the suitable word for the sentence; it also consisted of replacing the highlighted word with a word with similar meaning. Practice synonyms as well just in case. The average difficulty of this section is easy. So it is a high scoring section so make the most of it. But many make silly mistake in this section so be careful while marking your answer. Refer Objective English by R.S. Aggarwal or Objective English by Prabhu and Sinha.

Important: It’s important that one attempts at least 12-15 questions correctly to be on the safer side. Time management is the key, so try to solve the easier question first really fast so that you can give more time to the tough ones, especially in the quantitative and logical reasoning section and also the passage in the verbal section. Since their no negative marking you can also mark random option in the OMR for the questions you have no idea about.

Essay Writing

After the aptitude test we were told to wait for the results. After around 2 hrs our results were announced. Out of 175 people who sat for the aptitude test 83 were selected. I was one of them. These students were then asked to move to the seminar hall for the pre-placement talk. After the talk which lasted for around 30-45 minutes a sheet of paper was passed on to each student for the essay writing. The two topics which I remember were ‘If my personal goals do not match my organizational goals then I would… ‘And also ‘If faced with an opposition how would you deal with it…’ We were given 15 minutes for the essay. The essay was followed by a bio-data form which we were required to fill. It’s important that you write at least around 100 words or more in the essay. Try to also keep the points simple and relevant. Please remember that this round is not an elimination round. But the essay is with the interviewer during your interview, so write things which you actually believe in because you may need to justify it in the interview.

Technical + HR interview

After the essay writing round we were called in groups of 6-7 for our interview. There were around 6-7 panels each consisting of 1 interviewer.
My chance came quite late around 4:30 in the evening. I entered the room the interviewer asked me to take my seat. As soon as I took my seat she gave me a form to fill. She said ‘while filling the form answers my questions’ which was the tricky part. But she was checking my awareness and my multi-tasking ability. Here is how the conversation followed
Hr: - Show me something in your resume that is unique.
Me: - I showed her few certificates which I had won for various competitions. She was quite impressed by it.
Hr: - She then asked me my strengths.
Me: - Answered. She then wanted to know in detail how I and where I had displayed my strengths. I answered.
Hr: - She then asked me my weaknesses.
Me: - Answered. She asked me why you consider this as your weakness. She tried to confuse me by linking it to my strength but I stood my ground.
Hr: - Next she asked me in which sector do you want to work in
Me: - Answered. She then asked me leading companies in that sector.
After that she asked me about soft board and hard boards in control engineering. Which I somehow managed to answer.
Hr: - She then asked me what type of a job profile do you want.
Me: - I told her I want to work in the development area and gave reasons for it.
Hr: - She finally gave me a situation which was the trickiest part of the interview.
Me: - I gave her an idealistic answer but she kept on grilling me on that. But I tried to work my way out of it. After a point I told her that this is what I feel is correct. She said I don’t feel the same way. There were some awkward silent pauses. After which she said ok you may leave now.
I was just so relieved that the interview was over. There were also some questions on my projects but they were very basic questions. Also for the people from non-IT background it is important that you prepare yourself for the question ‘Why It?’
So after the grueling procedure we were told to wait for the results. We were finally summoned in the seminar hall around 7 in the evening. They then started announcing the names of the selected candidates and luckily I was one of them. In all 50 students were selected. It felt so good that all your efforts have finally been rewarded.
Note: It’s important that you are prepared with your projects, have knowledge about the company profile, know your resume inside out and pay attention during the pre-placement talk. It’s equally important to be properly dressed, be positive about the outcome, and always try to be enthusiastic even if you are not. Greet the HR people with a warm smile and a strong handshake. Also if they give you a chance to ask a question in the interview do try to ask something it shows your intent. Finally go out there and give it your best shot. Sky is the limit. Rock on.
All The Best.

Exam/Interview Date: 06-Jan-2011.
No of Rounds: Aptitude Test, Technical + HR interview, Essay Writing.
Location: Mumbai