(Paper) Latest Oracle Financial Services Fresher Jobs Interview Paper Pattern: 23-March-2011

Latest Oracle Financial Services Fresher Jobs Interview Paper Pattern: 23-March-2011

Company Name : Oracle Financials
Type : Fresher
Job Interview, Question Paper :

 1.Tell me about your self?
Ans: I did a bad answer so the first impression is best impression. I did not not get the best impression so I know my self  I did bad answer I am nervous that is my first time with HR..

2.what is your roll in project
Ans: I had developed the UML diagram for my project and testing phase I had taken fort the development of project

3.what is integrity?
Ans It is used for combination of one or more tables we use this one

4.what is  integrity constants ?
Ans: Join operation which are responsible for integration they are called ad integrity constraints

5.what is fork
Ans: which is used to divide the process for parallel execution

6.what is multithreading
Ans: which is used for parallel module execution

7.what is multi task
Ans: which is used for for the purpose of multiple program execution

8.what is multi programming
Ans: Little bit confusion with my answer.

9.what is roll back
Ans: we can undo the operations.

10.what is commit
Ans: Is used for complete of transaction.to save all the instructions.

11.what are acid properties

Ans: atomicity consistency isolation and durability

12.waht are triggers
Ans: sorry sir

13 what r procedural languages
Ans: sorry sir

14.what is waterfall model
Ans: I told communication planning modeling construction deployment

15.what is incremental model
Ans: same answer with number of execution of all the c p m c d

16.what is spiral model
Ans: c p m c d I  the form of spiral way of execution of all things

17.what is function pointer
Ans: sorry sir

18.what is method overloading
Ans: calling the same function more than once in same program

19." " " ' method over riding
Ans: sorry sir

20.what is data encapsulation
Ans: combining code and data even we want to execute the program

21 what is grep command?
Ans: used to find the pattern match in the file. grap oracle oracle.txt

22. tell me about your project clearly.
Ans. I am very nervous that I does not changed the front end and back end for my project simply copied and paste from previous resume.
So find me on that. we can not simply bluff them so be cautious about your project. So major portion will going to ask on that front end and backend , what is your role on what model does You had developed your project. So go thorough with Your  resume.

Best of Luck

Exam/Interview Date : 23-March-2011
No of Rounds : Aptitude Test, Techincal Round-1
Your Name : Mohan