(Paper) Latest NIIT Technologies fresher Job Interview Paper Pattern: 10-Feb-2010

Latest NIIT Technologies fresher Job Interview Paper Pattern: 10-Feb-2010

Company Name : NIIT Technologies
Type : Fresher
Job Interview, Question Paper

Hi Friends In NIIT tech with head office at Delhi has come at IPS Indore .

Total No. of Rounds
 Aptitude Test
In this round their were 2 papers:

  • Test Contains Proper arranging of figures which is mainly based on logical understanding.
  • Aptitude was normal aptitude with questions of english (antonyms, synonyms, analogy ) and simple numerical problems and c and c++ codes.

HR Round
In the interview round which was held on next day only 52 students are selected from 300. in my interview panel sir-tell me something about yourself sandeep ?
me-answer given sir-what is your major project ? me-explained sir-your role in project me-explained then he aked me
Question 1: some logical questions sir- I have 3 drums
(a)8 litre
(b)5 litre
(c)3 litre
8 litre drum is completely filled measure 4 litre using all the 3 drams.

Question 2:a lizard in 1 hr climbs 4met and slips down 1 meter after how many hours it will touch 31 meter mark and questions like this.

friends never be upset in life this was my 6th company and I was rejected from technical round from 3 company so please don't be nervous be prepared and answer questions always confidently and please learn about company before going to the interview.

 I Wish You Best of Luck

Exam/Interview Date : 10-Feb-2011
No of Rounds : Aptitude Test, Technical Round
Contributor Name : Sandeep Chikhale