(Paper) Latest L&T Infotech Fresher Job Interview Paper Pattern : 18th, January 2011

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L&T Infotech Fresher Job Interview Paper Pattern : 18th, January 2011

Company Name: L&T Infotech
Type: Fresher, Job Interview
Hello Everyone.
L&T Infotech recently conducted there placement procedure in Thadomal Shahani Engineering College, Bandra, Mumbai. The criteria was minimum 55% in 10th and 12th and minimum 58% in BE course with not more than 2 dead/live kt’s & also aggregate BE % should be 60%+ at the end of 8th semester. The entire process was spread over 2 days. 

The procedure consisted of 3 main rounds:

  • Aptitude test
  • GD (Group Discussion)
  • Technical + HR interview

Round 1(Aptitude test):

The paper in total consisted of 90 questions (1 question for 1 mark each with no negative markings). The total time allotted was 90 minutes. The test was conducted by the L&T Infotech team itself. They were extremely professional and conducted the test with wonderful precision and care. The paper had 3 different sets with different questions. It was a really professional way of taking a test. I was really impressed by them. 

The paper consisted of 3 main sections:

  • Quantitative Aptitude
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Verbal Ability

The paper had sectional cut-offs so it’s important to give equal importance to each section. 

  • Quantitative Aptitude (30 questions for 30 marks):  This section consisted of questions from chapters on percentages , profit loss, time & distance , time and work, simple interest , compound interest , probability ,arithmetic & geometric progression, boats and streams, trains, matrices, probability, permutations & combinations, Venn diagrams, calendar and clocks etc. Refer R.S. Aggarwal (Quantitative aptitude) for this section. The average difficulty of this section is above average, so it’s important to select the right questions and use various tricks and short cuts to reduce the calculation time. Practice is the only way to get through this section. Managing time is the key in this section.
  • Logical Reasoning (30 questions for 30 marks): This section consisted of various questions from chapters on coding & decoding, blood relations, puzzles, data sufficiency, conclusion and inference, Venn diagrams ( most important), syllogism, and few questions on common sense. It also included certain questions from non-verbal reasoning like analogies, series, classifications, paper cutting, figure series completion, etc. The average difficulty of this section is average and can be solved quite quickly provided you maintain you’re cool. For this section refer R.S. Aggarwal (Verbal and non-verbal Reasoning).
  • Verbal Ability (30 questions for 30 marks): This sections consists of synonyms, fill in the blanks type of questions. In this type of questions one had to find the most suitable word from the options given which makes the sentence grammatically correct. There were also questions on replacing the highlighted word with another word of similar meaning. It also consisted of sentence correction, and 1 lengthy passage (which I would advise you to solve at the end). The average difficulty of this section is average and can be solved easily but time is the key factor here, so managing time is main thing in all sections. 
    After the 90 minutes the OMR sheets were taken back and we were told to wait for our results. 
    Note: - It’s important that one attempts at least 17-20 questions correctly in each section to be on the safer side and to clear the sectional cut-offs. Time management and selection of the question is the key, so try to solve the easier question first really fast so that you can give more time to the tough ones, especially in the quantitative and also the passage in the verbal section. Since there is no negative marking you can also mark random option in the OMR sheet for the questions you have no idea about. Mark the answers properly on the OMR sheet. 
After a small wait, the aptitude test results were declared. I was one of the selected few. The GD groups were mentioned in the selected list itself. The aptitude test is a big elimination round so it’s important to prepare properly for the aptitude. Now we were directed to the seminar hall for the pre-placement talk. It was one of the best talks I have ever attended. The HR guy giving the talk was brilliant and kept the audience totally engrossed. After the talk we were told to wait in the seminar hall while various GD groups were called one by one for their GDs. 

Round 2 GD (Group Discussion):

The GD round which is the nemesis of many, is actually not that bad if you keep your head about it. My GD group’s turn came late in the evening around 8. We entered the room. The GD conductor told us to introduce ourselves by mentioning our names and branch. After that she suggested that she would give us an abstract topic. The topic we got was ‘Life after Death’, initially we all were a bit confused with the topic, but after the initial confusion, everyone started jotting down whatever points came to their mind I also did the same, she had given us 5 minutes for writing points. After the 5 minutes the GD started. I spoke 3rd in turn. I made some good points, and kept entering the GD at regular interval. There were around 16 people in our group. 8 were told to speak for the topic and 8 against it. I was supposed to speak against it. The GD went on for around 15 -20 minutes. After she told one of the guy’s in the group to conclude it. After the GD we were told to wait outside for the results. The volunteer came out and said that our entire group had been selected. We were all so delighted.
The GD was also a major elimination round. Around 40 % from each group had been eliminated, ours was one of the lucky few in which no one was eliminated. 
Few tips: - It’s a myth that if you start a GD you are guaranteed to be selected; the one who starts is responsible to direct the GD, so if you start make sure to just make observations and not conclusions. Secondly try to speak as early as possible maybe 2nd-3rd; it’s easier for the GD conductor to notice you. Thirdly speak with confidence and work on your non-verbal communication skills (i.e. body language). Thirdly don’t try to be over smart and speak too much. Learn to listen to others with attention and avoid making the GD a fish market. Also avoid looking at the paper on which you have written the points.
Some other topics I heard of were “active participation of students in politics", " 3 things you would like to take with you on a trip to the moon" , "advertisements" , " role model from bollywood/Hollywood and why?" ,"should the voting age be decreased/increased from 18".
So after the GD results we were told that our technical + HR interview would be held the next day. Some people whose GD had finished early were done with their interviews on the same day.

Round 3 (Technical + HR interview)

We were told to assemble on the next day at 9 in the morning. My interview turn came at around 1 in the afternoon. I entered the room. The HR introduced himself and told me to take my seat. Here is how the conversation followed 
ME: - I introduced myself.
HR: - He asked me a bit about my name and my mother tongue.
ME: - I answered.
HR: - He then asked me – tell me about your educational background without mentioning your percentages and marks.
ME: - It was a new type of question so I answered it in a unique way.
HR: - Next he asked me about the various projects I had done in my engineering life.
ME: - I told him about both my projects in detail.
HR: - He then questioned me about the feasibility of my BE project.
ME: - I answered with confidence as I had prepared my project very well.
HR: - Next he asked me some technical stuff. He asked me have you done any computer languages. I told him about the various languages I had done. But I told him I know the basics.
HR: - He then asked me – ok tell me what is an interface class and what is an abstract class? Also he asked me how do you interface in C++.
ME: - I had some vague idea about abstract classes so I told him that. Remaining things I had no clue about and after some thinking I told him I don’t know sir.
HR: - Next he told me - ok swap the values of 2 variables without using a temporary variable and gave me piece of paper to solve it.
ME: - I had some idea about this but wasn’t sure, so I told him a weird sort of an answer made it too complicated actually. Again he was not impressed by it. 
HR: - Next he gave me a very interesting situation which one may face in his/her workplace.
ME: - I enjoyed the question and answered with all the possibilities. Finally I saw a smile on his face. 
Finally he told me thank you and I left.
I was quite happy that the interview was finally over. I had mixed feelings after the interview. (I actually thought I was not going to be selected.)
The results were declared late in the evening at around 6:30. I was one of the selected few. It felt really good. L&T Infotech is a fabulous growing company and the way they conducted the whole process made me realize their professionalism and attitude towards their employees. They are wonderful.

P.S:- It’s important that you are prepared with your projects, have knowledge about the company profile especially about the core values of the company and there domain areas, know your resume inside out and pay attention during the pre-placement talk. Don’t lose hope even after a bad show. The main thing they test is your confidence, humility, presence of mind and your communication skill, so even if you fumble it’s ok the main thing is to be confident and always have a smiling face. A smile can do wonders. It’s also equally important to be properly dressed, be positive about the outcome, and always try to be enthusiastic even if you are not. Greet the HR people with a warm smile and a strong handshake. Also if they give you a chance to ask a question in the interview do try to ask something it shows your intent. Finally go out there and give it your best shot. Never lose heart. There is always something better out there. Sky is the limit.
All The Best. 

Exam/Interview Date: 18th, January 2011.
No of Rounds: Aptitude Test, Technical + HR interview.
Location: Mumbai.