(Paper) Latest ZenQA Fresher Job Interview Paper Pattern 23 July, 2011

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ZenQA Fresher Job Interview Paper
Pattern: 23-July-2011

Company Name: ZenQA

Type : Fresher

Job Interview : Hello Friends This was the selection procedure of ZenQA Company.

1) If the age of the father is twice of son,and after ten years the father age is thrice the youner sun age and difference between the two sons is 15yrs,then what is the present ages of the father, Elderson, Younger son?
2) In a school A there are 60% of students passed and 200 students failed. The school B have 200 more children passed than A, then what is decrease % the total students failed in both schools.
3) Foods comparison ,question is who ate same type of food.like this.
4) There is 4marks for each correct answers and One Negative Mark For One Wrong answer if the student get 125 marks by attempting 75qns how many he answered correctly

About Company : ZenQA is a Small Company in Mindspace (building no. 14), Hyderabad.

Interview Date: 23-Jul-2011

No. of Rounds : Aptitude Test

Location: Hyderabad

Contributor Name :Simhachalam