(Paper) Latest ZenQA Fresher Job Interview Paper Pattern 03 June, 2011

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ZenQA Fresher Job Interview Paper
Pattern: 03-June-2011

Company Name: ZenQA

Type : Fresher

Job Interview : Hello Friends This was the selection procedure of ZenQA Company.

  1. Written Test (Puzzles and Few Question reg aptitude)

    Practice Puzzles For This Round like find out the No. of
    hens and goats if the total No. of legs and heads are given.
    1 Problem reg the age of father, son etc. Duration is 1 Hr. No. of questions are few.
  2. Written Test in Programming Skills
  3. Interviews

About Company : ZenQA is a small company in Mindspace
(building no. 14), Hyderabad.

Interview Date: 03-Jun-2011

No. of Rounds : Aptitude Test, Technical Round-1, Technical Round-2,
Client/Manager Interview

Location: Hyderabad

Contributor Name :Anitha