(Paper) Latest Wipro Fresher Job Interview Paper Pattern 8, January 2011

Latest Wipro Fresher Job Interview Paper Pattern 8, January 2011

Company Name: Wipro
Type: Fresher, Job Interview
Hi friends, Wipro is the top global company getting placed into it is dream of many, life will be nice in Wipro there will be fast hike in salary recently that is on 8th January 2011 it conducted drive in our college JNTU Anantapur.
The process will be as follows:

Written test:  50 questions 60 minutes

  • Verbal ability -20 marks
  • Quantitative and analytical ability-20 marks
  • Technical ability mostly C lang-10 marks

WIPRO written test is the toughest one that I've seen you have to prepare very well.
Verbal section consists:

  • correction of sentences
  • analogies (do verbal & nonverbal reasoning by R.S.Aggarwal)
  • idioms, antonyms¬†
  • Synonyms and also prepare for things such as "collection of postal stamps means philatelist".

Quantitative and reasoning ability:

It is very tough do R.S.aggarwal (quantitative aptitude&verbal & non verbal reasoning), in this section even there will be problems on probability.

Technical paper consists:

It consists of 10 questions be perfect in C.
For us nearly 300 attended the test 109 got through the test. but real testing will be in technical round even though u r a non-IT branch programming questions will be asked ,be perfect in C &DS mostly quests are on structures, unions, pointers, arrays, strings. ,there the questions will be from your resume subjects, so be conscious while preparing your resume for me the technical round was conducted for 30 mins he asked quests on Operating system, java, C since I'm an C.S.E student In the tech round elimination will very high.
Out of 109 only 36 have got through technical round.
lastly HR round be confident and you should have good English speaking ability don worry he may give chance to improve if he feels you are good enough in confidence ,percentage etc) good communication skills. Finally out of 36 members 32 got selected ,the results were announced at 12:30am,by god's grace I am the top among who got selected, it was a memorable night. You are attitude changes every thing.
All The Best.

Exam/Interview Date: 8, January 2011.
No of Rounds: Aptitude Test
Contributor Name: Sarayu


i will register my resume in wipro company,pls give the correct id for sarandhana.892, than which web site i will go to search details