(Paper) Latest NCR Fresher Job Interview Paper Pattern: 10-Nov-2010

Latest NCR Fresher Job Interview Paper Pattern : 10-Nov-2010


Company Name : NCR
Type : Fresher
Job Interview: Question Paper

Java abstract function object is made. Now 2 methods equals and == is made to check if they return t or f.

  • In order to preorder.
  • Sysdate syntax
  • Update method
  • SQL query syntax
  • Trunk
  • All possible question from dual table
  • Distinct usage
  • Inheritance definition
  • Swap using ^ operator
  • Full outer join
  • Ratio of area of in circle to circumcle of square.!(x>y &&query like A like %
  • Order of element popping from stack.
    N%9=2,/n/57=1,N%11=3, find n.
    Find au(b-c)
  • Puzzle problem on swimmers.
  • Output question based on local and global scope of java variable¬† and statements.
    Set problem .

Exam/Interview Date : 10-Nov-2010
No of Rounds : Aptitude Test
Location : Delhi