(Paper) Latest Infosys Technologies Ltd Fresher Job Interview Paper Pattern 22, December 2010

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Latest Infosys Technologies Ltd Fresher Job Interview Paper Pattern 22, December 2010

Company Name: Infosys Technologies Ltd
Type: Fresher, Job Interview

Hi Friends, Written test had 2 sections. One was logical and analytical reasoning having a pattern, 5 questions of visual sequence, then a paragraph that's requires logical thinking and little bit of Math carrying 5 questions, followed by data sufficiency and data interpretation questions each accounts for 5 marks, then was another paragraph testing your reasoning skills and last was like first sentence is a consequence of second sentence. Totally first section weighs 30 marks to be completed in 40 minutes. The time was ample and easy kind of questions were asked.

Second section tests English skills, with sentence completion, choosing the grammatically correct sentence, then a series of simple paragraphs carrying one question each appeared, last part was a very very very long reading comprehension, skimming and scamming will do, ending with a half page long comprehension. English part amounts for 40 marks with a duration of 35 minutes.
Right after you get your question start finding answers stead-fast as towards the end of the questionnaire requires a lot lot of time.

HR Section:
(1)Tell about your life as student at college?
(2) So you were the Students' Joint Secretary? What was your role being so?
(3) Did you face any problems being the Secretary? if so, how did you solve it?
(4) Have done any mini project?
(5) What problems did you face while doing it? How did you solve it?
(6) What is you role in Main project?
(7) What are your interests?
(8) I said Blogging and music, so he asked.. So you don't read?

Successfully I got selected.
Hoping to meet at Infosys, All The Best..

Exam/Interview Date: 22, December 2010
No of Rounds: Aptitude Test, Client/Manager Interview
Contributor Name: Dharini Venkataraman