(Paper) Latest Infosys Fresher Job Interview Paper Pattern 12, January 2011

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Latest Infosys Fresher Job Interview Paper Pattern 12, January 2011

Company Name: Infosys
Type: Fresher, Job Interview.
Hi Friends, Infosys came in my college in New Panvel on 12th , January 2011.

Written Section:

Verbal Section:

RC everyone knows Infosys verbal tests are tough and RC is one of the few scoring areas. so I would advise you to move to RC immediately after you get the Verbal paper in hand. I followed the same advice from others who wrote on this site. thanks guys!!)..others who went to RC at last (RC was in the last in verbal). had to mark many answers by fluke. Its 40 marks test of 35 mins,so you need time mgmt here..

  • Select the grammatically correct form of the sentence,5 Questions ,each Question had 4 forms of the same sentences. but only one of them was grammatically correct. this was TOUGH. long, complex sentences.
  • Fill in the blanks with correct phrases, 5 Questions with options given. Again this wasn't easy...some words/phrases i hadn't even heard b4.
  • Short 3-line passages, 6 Questions of them. we had to draw inferences from it but in 4/6 passages we had to mark an answer from given options, one that "cancels the arguement".i.e. you had to choose the sentence opposite to the inference you draw from the passage.
  • ┬áRemaining 2 were simple inference based. Again this was perhaps the most time consuming section...not only the passages were tough. but the given options were tough too. You need to think carefully over all of them.
  • Other Question in verbal I don't remember.

Reasoning Section:

Reasoning was very "attemptable". If u practice well, u can easily crack it...i would advise you to refer R.S. Aggarwal "verbal / non verbal reasoning book". Because there were hardly any pure quantities problems. so, don't waste your time in "quantities aptitude" book of R.S.Aggarwal for Infosys aptitude test.

  • Visual reasoning, 5 Questions .Series of Images given in each Question find the missing middle figure. out of 5 Ans. figures for each Q.
  • Really simple cube based puzzle, 5 Qs on it are not on no. of faces painted and all Question was like this a person was asked to paint a cube with 6 different colors on 6 faces. then 5 conditions were given according to which the cube had to be colored. we just had to answer which face had which color on the opposite/adjacent faces. and other similar Qs on it.
  • Data sufficiency, 5 Questions are very simple but 1 or 2 were slightly tough. Select the correct logical order of sentences.5 Questions, each had 6-7 sentences and 4 options that had sequences given. we had to test which of the sequences follows logically. This was tough. but was still slightly easier than previous section.
  • Data interpretation, 5 Questions are based on 2 picture charts. This was quite tough. I probably got only one correct. Other Questions are in reasoning i don't remember
136 students gave the Aptitude only 45 were selected for the interview. that was due to poor performance in Verbal section. sectional cut-off for verbal was 50%..i.e. 20 marks. we were told so. but i had a friend who got 19 in verbal (when he went in for the interview, HR actually told him his scores). so actually cut off in verbal must have been around 18. Reasoning cut off was probably 35%..

Finally after about 2 hrs names of the 45 people were announced. I was the first in the list. The volunteers completed the formalities of collecting the mark sheets and after 20-25 mins interviews started..

Interview Section:

Interview was very simple:
me: May I come in??
HR: yes (after a few sec.) So Navin tell me about yourself.
me: I told
HR: what project you have taken in your final year.
me: I told. mine is quite a core project based on Natural Language processing. I clarified a lot of things well. and he did not cross-question me on them
HR: how many members in your group. what is your role in your team?
me: I told
HR: how do u prepare for your exams?
me: I told that i see previous yrs papers. rank the chapters according to their weight age also I take into consideration the chapters i did not understand well during lectures. finally i start with the toughest chapter in PL..
be carefully people on such a Q, this is trick Q to test your planning / team work ability's may answer how you plan your studies in your friends group. but do not give vague answers here.
HR: ok Navin, best of luck. shakes hands
me: thank you sir.

Finally, after 3 hrs of my interview at around 6:30 PM..42 peoples were selected and their names were announced. I was one of them.
All The Best.

Exam/Interview Date: 12th, January 2011.
No of Rounds: written test and interview test
Contributor Name: Navin Israni