(Paper) Latest HSBC Global Technology Fresher Jobs Interview Paper Pattern: 21-Jan-2011

Latest HSBC Global Technology Fresher Jobs Interview Paper Pattern: 21-Jan-2011

Company Name : HSBC GLT
Type : Fresher
Job Interview, Question PaperĀ 
Hi friends, I went to pool campus held at CMR college on 21st Jan. Six colleges participated in this recruitment process

They were three rounds in whole procedure of recruitment

  • Aptitude
  • Technical written test
  • Technical Interview
  • H.R Interview

The aptitude consists of 4 parts i.e., verbal, Analytical Reasoning, logic and technical based on C & DS In Verbal they had Fill in the blanks, Verbal was easy.
In Analytical Reasoning, topic was probability, Venn diagrams. Its was easy but time management is what you need to take care.Logical was very easy ex:123456 123456 option was both are same, different, none Technical was bit tough. Topic was C and DS. He gave lengthy programs and asked from desire output Out 1200 around 400 cleared aptitude and was I of them.

They called for technical interview next day. It was around 11.30 A.M.

  • Tell me something about yourself? told
  • What is your favorite subject? Told
  • Are you DB2 certified? yes
  • What do know about Oracle and other database? Answered
  • Why do you want to do job? Told
  • Suppose in your team if no one agree with you then what will you do?
  • I couldn't answer it properly
  • Any doubts

He said you better ask this when you go to Hr Thank you he said nice meeting with you.Within 5 Minutes they declare my result and went to next round. Finally after waiting for 5 hr they called me for HR interview.

HE said: hello I amĀ  Vijay
I: Good morning sir,
HE: Initially he said about the company, personal etc
I: I was listening to him
He: then tell me about yourself
I: answered
He: You are from?
I: Hyderabad
HE: what are your strengths?
I: told
he: ask for an example?
I: told
he: what are your hobbies?
I: listening to music
he: who is your favorite singer?
I: told
he: he ask did you appear from any recruitment before?
I: yes, but out in written itself
he: any doubts?
I: duration of training period?
he: around 6 weeks
I: thank you
he: Have a nice day
finally at end of day i was selected. All the best guys for you future

Exam/Interview Date : 21-Jan-2011
No of Rounds : Aptitude Test
Location : Hyderabad
Contributor Name : Ronnie