(Paper) LIC ADO Exam Question Paper : 2009

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LIC ADO Exam Question Paper : 2009

Company Name: LIC India
Type: Fresher, Job Interview

LIC ADO Exam Question Paper : 2009
Reasoning Section:
1. A man moves 100m towards east, he turns to his right and moves 100m. Then he moves 50m tuming to his left and again turns to his left and moves 50m. Finally he turns to his left and moves 150m. How far is' he from the starting point?
(1) 0 m
(2) 50 m
(3) 100 m
(4) 150 m

2. In a certain code language TEACHER is written as VGCEJGT. How will CHILDREN be written in that code language?"
(4) None of these

3. In a certain code language CALANDER is written as CLANAEDR. How will CIRCULAR be written in that code language?

4. Which one set of letters when placed sequentially at the gaps in the given letter series shall complete it?
(1) abcbca
(2 ) acbcba
(3) abbba
(4) bcabab

5. In the following question a group of letters is given. Each letter bears certain mark (A, B. C, D .... ), Four combinations of marks are then given. Select that combination which would form a meaningful word.
(A) M (B) E (C) I (D) N (E) R (f ) A
(1) B, E, F, A, C, D
(2) C, B, E. D, A, F
(3) A, F, E, C, D, B
(4) E, B, A, F, C, D

6. In a certain code language the number '13479' is written as 'AQFJL' and '2568' is written as
'DMPN'. How will'396824' be WRITTEN in that code language?
(1) QLPNDF .
(3) QLP MF.

7. Pointing towards a man Rohit said, "His son is uncle of my son•. How is that man related to Rohit?
(1) Father
(2) Grandfather
(3) Uncle
(4) Brother

8. A and B are married couple. X and Y are brothers to each other. X is D brother of A. How is Y related to B
(1) Brother
(2) Cousin
(3) Son-in-law
(4) Brother-in-law

9. In this question, first two words have relationship between them. The third word and the word that should come at the place of ques¬tion mark also have a similar relationship. Identify from among the tentative words below which should come at the place of question mark.
. Country: President: State: ?
(1) Member of Parliament
(2) Member of Legislative Assembly
(3) Minister
(4) Governor

The correct sequence of the words is:
(1) E. A. B C. D
(2) C, E. A. D. B
(3) A. B. E. D, C
(4) A, E,B,D,C

Direction. (11-12): In each of the following questions, four words have been given. Three of these are alike In some manner and one is different. Identity the odd one.
11. l) Feather (2) Hair (3) Grass (4) Wool

12. 1. Telescope (2) Telephone (3) Tape Recorder (4) Transistor

13. Find out the missing number: 6, 13, 25, 51, 101, ?
(1) 204
(2) 278
(3) 203
(4) 254

Directions (14 - 15): From question 14 to 15 there were non-verbal questions.
14. Identify the wrong number which does- not fit into the series
4, 8, 27, 80, 244, 728
(1) 8
(2) 27
(3) 80
(4) 244

15. Find out the missing letters in the following letter series:
F E D A B L K J G H R Q? ?
(1) MN
(2). NP
(3) QP
(4) PM

Exam/Interview Date: 07, December 2010
No of Rounds: Screening Test
Contributor Name: Biswa Ranjan