(Paper) Latest L&T Infotech Fresher Job Interview Paper Pattern : 14-Feb-2011

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L&T Infotech Fresher Job Interview Paper Pattern : 14-Feb-2011

Company Name : L&T Infotech
Type : Fresher
Job Interview, Question Paper

Hi Friend's  L&T Infotech conducted pool campus drive at Heritage Institute of Technology, Kolkata on 14th,15th February. at about 5p.m. we entered in the venue on14th.after some time, lots of checking, like different criteria, college id card and all aptitude test started at about 7 p.m.

Aptitude Test: Aptitude question was pretty easy. It consist of 90 questions. English, quantitative, logical.30 questions in each section with sectional cut off. 90 minutes allotted for aptitude. at about 13 colleges took part in this pool campus. there were at least 900 students sat for the aptitude.198 students had cleared the aptitude. My suggestion is follow R.S.Agarwal and T.I.M.E cat materials a lot. There were three set of paper. do a lot practice of aptitude questions. mainly time & work, time & distance, percentage, profit & loss, syllogism, coding decoding, picture series, number series and basic english grammar. English portion was easy, logic very easy. quantitative easy but time consuming. that's my suggestion is practice TIME material where u can find a lot of easy steps to get proper answer.

Group Discussion Round: GD was on 15th Feb. At about 9:30 a.m. L&T Infotech HR head conducted the ppt. at about 10:30 it was started. It is an elimination round. There were 13 groups each consists of at least 15. I was in 12th group. from my group 6 students selected for the next round. our topic was "Brain drain of IIT student is relevant or not" .My suggestion is try speak out. Give some valid points so that every one revolves around your topic. I gave some valid points and try to grab others to speak with me or urge with me, so that I shall be that center of gravity. According to my plan I did same and succeeded. After 5min of GD they declared that 6 out of 15 of our group go for the next round.

Technical Round: Next round was Technical Interview round. at about 85 students cleared GD. when my name was called for the Technical Interview I was cool, calm and confident.

Sir: Please be seated.
Me: Thank you sir. Good Afternoon.
Sir: What's the pronunciation of your name?
Me: told.
Sir: Asked 2 min to check my form and CV.
Me: Of course sir.
Sir: OK tell me where from u come?
Me: told.
Sir: Are you stayed at hostel.
Me: told.
Sir: tell me about your final year project.
Me: I vividly explain whole project.
Sir: what u have done and what u will do next.
Me: Explain everything and told which software we use and all
Sir: OK tell me about your summer project.
Me: Explain all.
Sir: Do u know DBMS
Me: yes sir.
Sir: what is primary key?
Me: Told.
Sir: difference between primary key and unique key.
Me: this time I fumbled.
Sir: OK then told me referential integrity
Me: told
Sir: do u know SQL
ME: yes sir
Sir: gave me 3 queries to write.
Me: those were pretty easy as well
Sir: He then asked me u have not mentioned any achievements
Me: actually sir I have not any certificate that's why I didn't mentioned it
Sir: OK u don't have to produce any certificate
Me: told
Sir: What is the biggest blunder in your life
Me: told
Sir: do you have any problem to go to Mumbai for work
Me: no sir
Sir: I think u r emotionally attached with your parents very much. so how u stay without them
Me: told
Sir: do u know what is the difference between IT sector and consumer sector
Me: Explained
Sir: add more points and explained me vividly
Sir: OK do u know all subjects written in your CV
Me: Yes sir. Mention that C is my favorite subject
Sir: He asked me to write a program to find out the max no between 2 nos.
Me: that was really very easy. I did that program within a minute
Sir: ok do u know data structure
Me: yes sir
Sir: name all the algorithms used for sorting
Me: told
Sir: Explain one algorithm
Me: Explain Heap sort
Sir: (He was satisfied with my approach of sorting explanation) he told me to stop after few step i had done. Then he asked me have u any question
Me: yes sir
Sir: OK go ahead
Me: Sir what's your name? (He was pretty astonished to see my approach)
Sir: (smiling on face) he replied
Me: I asked another question that what is the role of a fresher in L&T Infotech
Sir: (He was pleased to hear this question) Explain me. after that he told me thank u and shook my hand.
about 30-35min long interview. I was pretty confident but still a confusion there. after 30 min they announce my name for next round. about 45 student cleared the technical round.

HR Interview Round: Next Round is HR Interview. at about 6:45 p.m. I entered into the room.

Sir: sit down
Me: thank u sir, good evening sir
Sir: OK told me the meaning of your name
Me: told
Sir: asked me my project name
Me: Fumbled but told the name
Sir: OK u play cricket.
Me: Yes sir.
Sir: what's your opinion about Sourav out of IPL
Me: told my view.
Sir: Smiled and asked where is your home town
Me: told
Sir: have u any question
Me: yes sir
Sir: OK what is that
Me: Asked his name
Sir: He told me his name
Me: I again asked r u Bengali sir
Sir: no, south Indian
Me: actually sir your name is very famous in our culture that's why I asked sir. please don't mind sir.
Sir: No no, not at all. actually I have been working in this company 33 years
Me: sir I believe in long term relationship
Sir: (pleased with my comment and smiled) shook my hand and thanked me
Me: Thank u sir and good evening once again sir.
After my hr interview was over. at about 8 p.m. result was announced. I got the mail at 10 p.m. 41 selected. one of them I am. Thanks a lot L&T Infotech.

All The Best

Exam/Interview Date : 14-Feb-2011
No of Rounds : Screening Test
Location : Kolkata
Contributor Name: Aritra Dutta