(Paper) Infosys Fresher Job Interview Paper Pattern 24th March 2011

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Infosys Fresher Job Interview Paper Pattern 24th March 2011

Company Name : Infosys
Type : Fresher Job Interview

Hi friends I am Mani from Guntur, A.P.
I am here to share my experience on Infosys drive held at QIS Engineering College, Ongole.
Totally 1400 members attended the drive and of all 202 members cleared written test.
The main elimination is in written test.
It is really very easy test do not have impression on the test like "I cant make it" or some thing else go with an positive mind you will definitely get positive result.

The written test contains two parts

  1. Aptitude (30 Questions - 40 Minutes)
  2. Verbal (40 Questions - 35 Minutes)

Both are easy.
Comparatively aptitude is easy one but make do the aptitude questions with utmost care.
Verbal is also easy one but it the time is very limited.

Aptitude Test -
It contains two puzzles (2*5 = 10 Questions)
One puzzle is easy one and the other is difficult.
5 Questions on symbols.
5 Questions on statements.
5 Questions on syllogism.
5 Questions on pie diagram.

Make sure of getting 18 marks out of 30.

Sectional cut off will be there. Prepare puzzle test in RS AGARWAL (verbal non- verbal) No Questions will be given from R.S. AGARWAL quantitative ability. Prepare data interpretation Questions in time material for pie diagram problems. prepare the basics on symbols, syllogism, statements they are easy one.

Verbal Test-
This contains 40 Questions and time is 35 Minutes.
15 marks are on correction of sentence.
10 marks for reading comprehension.
10 marks on fil in the blanks( prepositions).
5 marks on conclusions from the short passage given.

We need to do fast on this section but no need to hurry if you plan well it is very easy to complete in less time.
Prepare correction of sentence in OBJECTIVE ENGLISH for competitive exams book. Remaining all depends on your English capability.
You need to get minute of 22 out of 40 but the mark may be reduced to 20.
Be cool while answering English paper.
I started with correction of sentence.
Next conclusion and then reading comprehension finally done fill in the blanks.
You can score maximum on conclusions and comprehension so keep more concentration on them.

Finally at 3 pm. results were announced and 202 members cleared written test by gods grace I am one of them.

My HR is on next day i.e., 25- 3-11.
HR is old man aged 50-60 years and very obedient .
He shook my hand after entering into the room and asked to sit down and posed two Questions on final semester and how is my performance in the semester?
Later he asked me

Q. About my role on project?
Ans. I said I ma team leader and told how I done my project.

Q. Then how did you managed your members?
Ans. I told

Q. Do you play games?
Ans. I play table tennis, Volleyball and Kabadi and said the same thing.

Q. Did you played for your college?
Ans. Told.

Q. Did you done any volunteer services?
Ans. Told.

After finishing all Questions successfully he shook hand and asked to wait for the result.
he is very cool person I never felt tensed at any time.
I am very confident on the result but some think going on my mind as I missed many companies like TCS, CONVERGYS, HONEYWELL.

Finally in the afternoon the result were announced out of 202 members 161 got selected into the Infosys.
By Gods grace, friends and parents support I got selected into dream company INFOSYS.
Thanks to this website it helped me a lot.
Wish you all the best.
Can you at Mysore campus.

Exam/Interview Date : 24-Mar-2011
No of Rounds : Aptitude Test
Contributor Name : Mani Kanta