(Paper) Infosys Fresher Job Interview Paper Pattern 24 March 2011

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Infosys Fresher Job Interview Paper Pattern 24th March 2011

Company Name : INFOSYS
Type : Fresher Job Interview

My name is Siva Prasad. Totally around 1400 aspirants participated in the event which was conducted at QIS college ongole A.P. 202 cleared the written and 161 is the final figure.
I am the one who got short listed finally

There are two rounds totally

  1. Aptitude & Verbal
  2. HR or Personal Interview

Aptitude is quite easy and verbal need a little bit hard work. If your are a regular English news paper reader you will never bother about that. In aptitude we have to solve figures find out, data interpretation ,data sufficiency , syllogisms and 1 paragraph will be given n we have to solve the followed questions. when coming to verbal it demands a little bit skills in English we have to solve
sentence correction ,filling the blank space with appropriate word, we have 2 big passages and followed by questions (one tip to solve these ,choose the appropriate one means one passage deals with general and interesting topic and other one is a little bit confusing one , go to questions to passage approach (it would save 1 r 2 minutes time )) try to make maximum score in this passage section because in verbal cutoff would be 24 out of 40 so try to best use of your time friends .


It was held on 25th March ( The very next day of written)

He is around 50-60 years old man, he didn't look at my resume and certificates

(1) How many brothers and sisters you have?
a. Told

(2) That's your extra curricular activities i your school days??
a. Told

(3) Did u take part in any of your family functions??
a. Told

Asked about my management skills in functions
(4) Do you have any team leading experience in your college days?
a. Told

(5) Asked me the procedure as a team leader i have fallowed while organizing the events??
a. Told

6 Any questions ??
a I asked , may i need to learn any courses to cope with your training?
he replied your academic subjects knowledge would do for your training.

7 If any??
a. I said no sir.

Finally he shook my hand and said all the best gentle man.

He interviewed me around 10 Minutes.

He asked questions continuously with bullet speed.

So please maintain eye contact n respond sharply with him.

Finally they announced the results 161 students cleared the HR out 202 written qualifiers.

All the best friends see you at Mysore.

Exam/Interview Date : 24-Mar-2011
No of Rounds : Aptitude Test
Contributor Name : Siva Prasad