(Paper) Latest Infosys Fresher Job Interview Paper Pattern 24, January 2011

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Latest Infosys Fresher Job Interview Paper Pattern 24, January 2011

Company Name: INFOSYS
Type: Fresher, Job Interview
Hi Friends, I am NICK from Bangalore who got through for Infosys in my first attempt for any company. Infosys is like one of the easiest papers to clear in that if u have good reasoning skills and decent command of English there is no way you are going to miss out.
The first thing we had to do was appear for an aptitude test;

It consist 2 Rounds:

  • Reasoning(30 questions-40 minutes);
  • Verbal(40 questions-35minutes)


Reasoning is quite simple and majority of them can easily get through. the questions were based on;

  • Question 1-5 series of figures had to find odd one out.
  • Question 6-10 directions
  • Question 11-15 Data sufficiency
  • Question 16-20 data interpretation
  • Question 21-25 puzzle test
  • Question 26-30 logical connections

Everything was easy and refer RS Agarwal verbal book for this round.

Verbal Rounds:

Verbal round was more challenging in the fact that time management was the key and many of my friends lost out as they could not complete it on time

  • Question 1-8 four slightly different versions of a sentence;were given, had to choose the appropriate
  • Question 9-16 a phrase or few words were underlined and had to replace with option giving the same meaning;
  • Question 17-24 fill in the blanks;
  • Question 25-30 a paragraph is given u have to identify the;theme
  • Question 31-40 passage

My advice for attending verbal is begin of with the passage as even though it takes time the answers will be definite and after that finish fill in the blanks and then go for the others. Once you clear aptitude your are 99 percent assured of a job as the personal interview is just a casual talk where they check how you talk.
All the Best.

Exam/Interview Date: 24, January 2011
No of Rounds: Aptitude Test
Location: Bangalore