(Paper) Infosys Fresher Job Interview Paper Pattern 20-December-2010

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Latest Infosys Fresher Job Interview Paper Pattern 20-December-2010

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: Infosys
Type : Fresher
Job Interview, Question Paper

 Hi friends I m Ajay from Allahabad.
Infosys visited my campus on 20th Jan 2011. Really its very good feeling of getting placed into Infosys As I got help from this website, so I also thought of writing this that may prove beneficial for others. Total 380 students participated. 113 cleared written and 100 got selected after interview.

The written combine 2 parts- Analytical and Verbal.

Analytical: (30 question , 40 minutes)

  • questions of finding next figure in the series.
  • questions of analytical reasoning (My question was about 5 friends who had some money and diff relations were given, find who had most and least etc.
  • questions of DI with two pie charts
  • question on blood relation
    Sorry but don’t remember the rest question but mind it question were very simple. A nice practice of R.S. Aggarwal will be enough.

Verbal: (35 question, 30 minutes)

  • Questions of finding the correct sentence out of 4 options.
  • Questions of finding the mistake in given sentence
  • Questions of fill in the blanks, choosing the correct word to put based on grammar and appropriate use of words no vocabularies.
  • Questions of drawing inference from a small(4 lines) passage. Require good speed and understanding.
  • RC with 5 questions each. My RC’s were about 3/4 of an A4. But question were a bit more confusing

    All in all verbal was quite tuff but a guy with good grammar can easily crack. But don’t take it lightly, it is the most diff part of whole process an deprive many from their Dream Job.


The result were out at about 3.15 and interview started at the same time. It was winter and there was 113 to go so I thought they went very easy taking less time.
But I have to mention the wait was a bit too longer for me as I was the last to face interview. I had to wait for about more than 6 hr. my interview started at about 10.00 any took about 10 min. I kept talking to other guys around keep me focused and out of tension. Interviewer was a about 50yr person but very good. He just asked me about my projects etc. Then he gave me a situation if I m sent to a hill station and bus gets a problem what will I do? I replied what hit my mind. Then he asked me if I m given a project to make a Db for accident record with the other guys what will be my plan? And if one of them leave after some days what will I do? Except this he didn’t asked me anything much. They don’t check much in interview other than communication. Once u clear written u r 90% in Infosys Just give nice and gentle answer. No need to go very flam-booing, they can easily catch and sack You. That’s it, Just be focused and confident.

Best of luck

Exam/Interview Date : 20-Dec-2010
No of Rounds : Aptitude Test
Location : Allahabad
Contributor Name : Ajay