(Paper) Latest Hewlett Packard Fresher Job Interview Paper Pattern 29th, January 2011

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Latest Hewlett Packard Fresher Job Interview Paper Pattern 29th, January 2011

Company Name: Hewlett Packard
Type: Fresher, Job Interview.

Hi Friends, I'm Maha Lakshmi. I have attended HP Interview on 29th January 2011 at atria institute of technology, Anand nagar, Banglore. I would like to share my interview experience with you all. There were 3 rounds as usual.

There are total 3 Rounds:

  • Aptitude Round.
  • Technical Round.
  • HR Round.


 RS. Agarwal Aptitude and Reasoning Books are more than enough to clear the first round (example sums are enough). There were the usual sections in Aptitude such as Analytical, Data Structures, C, OS and UNIX, DBMS. In Analytical (Section 1) questions from probability, Time and distance, reasoning, English. Regarding Technical sections (sections 2 to 6) you can clear easily if you learn the basics. In c they had given questions like output to the given program, program using increment and decrement, pointers. In DS questions are from sorting, Heap sort, in order, pre order n post order forms. In OS questions about Virtual memory, scheduling, etc, In UXIN you should be getting questions from UNIX commands like CHOWN, etc. 

Technical Interview: 

Me: Good Evening Sir (With smile)
Interviewer: Good evening , Please take your seat.
Me: Thank you sir.
Interviewer: Hi , Please introduce yourself
Me: Started with a smile. I’m Maha Lakshmi. I have done post Graduation in Master of computer science in R.M.D Engineering College, Kavaraipettai. Have secured 75.30 % in PG. I did under graduation in Anna Adarsh College for women, Anna Nagar. My specialization in UG is Computer science. I have secured 60.27% in UG. About my Schooling ... I did both my higher secondary and SSLC in Elite Matriculation Hr sec school, Redhills. And secured 67 % in both my higher secondary and SSLC.I was working in Hurix Systems as a Flash Programmer after completing my Post graduation.
Interviewer: Where were you working...?
Me: Hurix Systems, Chennai as a FLASH Programmer
Interviewer: Have you done any projects there..
Me: Yes sir... My Project Name is Net Texas. The client is HMH belong to USA.... And i explained my entire project with its advantages and tools used. He was almost Satisfied).
Interviewer: Well... What is your favorite Subject, I mean your Area of interest.
Me: I’m good in C and C++, I know Core JAVA sir. Spoke kindly)
Interviewer: Okay ... Can you tell me what are the OOPS concepts.
Me: I told him that the basic OOPS concepts are Classes and Objects, Encapsulation, Inheritance, Polymorphism, Dynamic binding and Message passing.
Interviewer: What you know about C?
Me: C is a structured programming language founded by Dinnes Ritche at 1972 in Bell Laborites has 32 keywords like Auto, break, case. char, const, continue. Etc, Its major strength is in its Keywords.
Interviewer: Good . It seems you have read your Text book properly.
Me: Just smiled and said yes Sir....
Interviewer: Tell me the Difference between JAVA, C++ and C
Me: I told him C is Structure oriented language, C++ is Partially Object oriented language and JAVA is fully Object oriented language and JAVA is also called as Real Time Thinking. C and C++ requires header files but There is no need of using header files in JAVA, Instead we are using import statements. Etc
Interviewer: Okay Maha Lakshmi.
Tell me what is polymorphism ,
Me: I explained him with definition and with program
Interviewer: What is Inheritance?
Me: I explained him with definition and with program
Interviewer: It is not polymorphism. You are telling what you read in your text book. I want the answer which you can implement in your project.
Me: Okay sir. Again i started explaining the same.
Interviewer: Okay Maha Lakshmi. This is not Correct. He told me learn all these concepts. It will be helpful for further interviews He was testing my patience.
Me: I just maintained smile. Sure sir. And asked him softly that .Sorry sir. Could you pleasure explain me Sir Listen you should ask kindly.
Interviewer: He explained me, And asked me what is abstraction 
Me: I told it refers to the act of representing essential concepts and it does not include the background and unnecessary details.
Interviewer: Okay,, Now write a program in this paper’. You have to get your NAME as string and display the output in reverse order.
Me: I started writing the program using string functions (strrev function) ,and gave it back to the Interviewer
Interviewer: I don’t wanna you to do this with String functions. Use stack or queue
Me: Actually i don’t know the program but i just tried.
I told him that i can understand the concept but can’t produce the program sir.
Interviewer: Okay, Just tell me which data structure can be a best one to reverse your name. Queue or Stack...?
Me : I said Stack
Interviewer: No.. It is queue .Can you explain the concept Now..?
Me: I just started with for loop. 
Interviewer: No
Me: Sirr, Could you tell me that concept sir,,,?
Interviewer: Good Maha Lakshmi... Even I don’t know that concept.
Then he gave me two queries to write,
Me: I wrote it and i knew that it is correct.
Interviewer: Learn all these concepts, Then you won’t get scolding’s (he used some other word for scolding) from your Boss at HP.
Me: Sureeeeeee sir. I decided that he selected me in Technical
Interviewer: Fine Maha Lakshmi. You can go now. And do you want to tell anything.
Me: Ya, I just enjoyed the time in my Technical Interview sir.
Interviewer: Okay. I will let you know the feed back.
Me: Thank you sir...
I got my technical result immediately I step out of that room. The interview was happened for 50 or 60. You should not get tense and lose your patience at the time of interview. Maintain smile and kindness on your face.

HR Interview:

Me: Good evening sir.
Interviewer: Very good evening .Take your seat.
Me: Thank you.
Interviewer: I’m Prabhu , working for HP for past 4 years. How was the day?
Me: Very interesting Sir (with Smile)... 
Interviewer: Tell about yourself.
Me: Told the same what i told in Technical.
Interviewer: What are your strengths?
Me: Optimistic, hard working and friendly nature sir
Interviewer: What do you like to change about yourself..
Me: If anyone hurts me or disappoints me i used to take things to my heart and become depressed. I’m trying to change this Sir...
Interviewer: Have you done aptitude well..?
Me : Yes sir.
Interviewer: or just got in fluke.?
Me : No sir 50 percent of my answer s are correct
Interviewer: Explain your academic project?
Me: Explained clearly as I prepared
Interviewer: Okay. Are you willing to relocate?
Me: Yes sir ,I can work anywhere across India.
Interviewer: you people used to tell this at the time of Interview.?
Me: No sir. I can work.
Interviewer: Okay .You Just wait. I will inform the result..
Me: Thank you Sir.
I got the HR results immediately coming out of the HR room. There were 800 members appeared for the Test.
In my batch totally 19 got selected in final round. I’m the one among them.
All the best friends.

Exam/Interview Date: 29th, January 2011
No of Rounds: Aptitude Test, Technical Round-1
Location: Bangalore
Contributor Name: Maha Lakshmi