(Paper) Latest HCL Fresher Job Interview Paper Pattern 21st December 2010

Latest HCL Fresher Job Interview Paper Pattern 21st December 2010

Company Name: HCL
Type: Fresher, Job Interview

Hi Friends. I am from SRR engineering College. I have attended Wipro and Accenture but i didn't get it. Here is the pattern of HCL aptitude question paper. It is an online test held for 1&half hour. RS Agarwal book is quite enough refer the previous question papers of HCL so that you can get some ideas. Then coming 2 pattern: there are 4 modules

  • In 1st module they will ask analytical questions like probability, age, speed, time and distance ,time and work.
  • In second module it will be from Verbal and nonverbal reasoning
  • They will give one long paragraph and till be quite confusing. they will ask questions from that. For this what you hav2 do is u first read the question and then you search answer i think u can save more time by doing this.
  • In 3rd module they will give sequence of numbers and they ll ask which is correct sequence . They will give sequence of numbers and they ll ask 2 fill the missing numbers. They will also ask questions from encoding and decoding.
  • In 4th module they will ask questions from languages like C, data structures (sorting). for this you have 2 study from Ehwanth Kanethkar. If you execute all the questions given n that bulk you can easily score more marks in this module. this is common for al the company.
  • They may also give paragraph and you will b asked 2 pick which sentence is correct by reading that paragraph u should pick rite sentence
  • Then they will give a word and they will ask exact meaning sometimes they will ask opposite also so b careful. for this you can read the words already given n the HCL question papers it will be quite enough.

Be alert that only after answering the given question you can go 2 next question. so try 2 complete with n a time allotted 2 each module

Second Rounds: HR & technical round

Your answers should be in a positive manner and you should not get tension. Always there should be a smilie face while saying Answers. please study Your resume once or thrice so that you will be capable of answering.

All The Best.

Exam/Interview Date: 21st December 2010
No of Rounds: Aptitude Test,  HR & technical round.
Location: Chennai
Contributor Name: Deepikachandiran