(Paper) Convergys Fresher Job Interview Paper Pattern : 17-March-2010


Convergys Fresher Job Interview Paper Pattern : 17-March-2010

Company Name : Convergys
Type : Fresher
Job Interview, Question Paper

It was a nice morning. The reporting time given to our college was 1030. I reached there by 1000 am. There was a huge crowd there. There I came to know 2500 students registered from around 21 colleges some even called from Bhopal. The test was conducted in two sessions as there were two batches ones was at 830. We were not expecting but the paper given to both were same. So if u gets the second batch don’t forget to ask them. Only around 1800 gave the exam. Rest of the crowd retuned after seeing so much competition there. Finally my test started at 1230 around. A test of 75 minutes.. there was no ppt, no talks so is was not known whether there was a sectional cut off or not . the different sections were:

  • Aptitude
  • Technical
  • Reading comprehension
  • English

The sections were containing 20 question each. As told by the earlier batch that the first section is very tough. I kept it for the last. It was really a tough one. All the questions were following a pattern aptitude one . A paragraph (some logic, probability question) was given and based on the paragraph 3 questions were asked. If you able to understand the paragraph then only u can answer. I was able to solve only 3-4 rest flukes. Technical part was having simple SQL queries . Nothing relational database or Unix. Some oops concept. From “cohesion and coupling” of software engineering many questions were asked as per the data given. Like there was a module having large number of functions declared as private and three module?

 What you will say about it ?
1. Low cohesion high coupling
2. Low cohesion high coupling
3. high cohesion low coupling
4. high cohesion high coupling
similar to this, there were many u need to know what is cohesion and what is coupling not inner details. A class info was given and asked whether it is a “is-a" inheritance) or “has-a” relationship (Check your OOPs books). In one section there was a big flowchart in that some calculation for some house loan need to be done as per the data given. It was a little bit time consuming but simple.( around 5 questions) One was related to some lifetime policy. Age given person salary u have to find which policy will he take (a page covering flowchart) Don’t waste time in single section. U can switch as there may be sectional cut off. Two reading comprehension were so easy a you will definitely solve. Direct answers were given in paragraph no need to analyze. I Read questions first as less time was remaining. Some simple fill in the blanks like

The organization ------ funds for the needy.
1. Was rising
2. Were raising
3. Was raising
Some article to be filled very simple. Other than the aptitude part rest of the paper was easy. In the technical part two questions from pointers,  A code was given and it was asked for what purpose was it. It was of bubble sorting. In one question a code was given and asked about the worst case complexity. A sorting technique was given and array was given After how much iteration the array will get sorted. The questions were in c language only. No negative marking. Out of 1400, 212 were selected for the next round which was better figure than that of the previous year. Half students send for technical and half for HR. if u clear one then only you can proceed for the other.

Technical round

  • May I come in sir
  • Yes  have a seat.
  • Tell me about yourself
  • Blah blah, hobbies,etc.
  • Tell me about your projects minor and major
  • Explained in detail with its relevance.
  • Which subjects you hated most?
  • Artificial intelligence as there was no labs for it and.
  • Which subjects you liked most?
  • Answered With suitable reasons
    Int *p,*q;
    printf (“%d”,q-p);
  • I gave a wrong answer as 2 but after coming out I realize that the answer was” pointer subtraction not allowed”They check the approach.
  • Find out that number is a power of 2 in a single line code
  • I gave a wrong in hurry. Then there was a sql query containing “!<=” operator and asked whether the query will run or not. I said no as the operator does not exist.
  •  Want to go for higher studied after seeing my gate score. I said not now.Speak in a loud noise not like an amplifier but fill the room with the energy within you. q. any question. Can I go for the application development in your company? (don’t ask the question which every second person ask what are the dots in the logo. Its answer is convergys is growing in all directions.) yes he explained in detail
  • Any more questions Gaurav?
  • No sir A handshake and I left. After 1 hour result technical round results my name was there.Now the students who came out of Delhi/Ghaziabad there HR also conducted on the same day (as I was from Dehradun (Graphic Era Institute Of Technology) ).

HR Round

  • Sir may I come in
  • Yes
  • Sir  so Gaurav tell me about your self , your parents, siblings ,hobbies try to remember the sequence).
  • Tell me about your projects, final year project? explained
  • Which technology are you interested in?
  • I told of my interest.
  • we have very less to have on that technology.
  • Sir I will adapt where I will be put in.
  • You told me that you are an honest person. Tell me how.
  • Give suitable explanation
  • Will you be able to live in Hyderabad (different food etC)
  • yes with proper reasons.
  • as we have clients outside India, some time you have to give night shifts.
  • No problem (with reason)
  • which company visited your campus .
  • Infosys, IGT.
  • you are placed in any
  • yes IGT
  • why you are leaving that company
  • to start my career convergys is a far better company than igt.
  • tomorrow if Microsoft will come, will you leave convergys
  • mind toggling but handle the situation smartly by giving suitable explanation.
  • will you like to go for higher studies?
  • No not know.
  • Any questions?
  • Where I will be put in I mean which technology.
  • He explained briefly.
  • anything more I can answer
  • I asked another question I don't remember know.
  • Thank you it was a nice meeting with you. Hope to see you In convergys. Gud luck.
  • Thank you sir a handshake and I left.

Results came I week after in the college TPO . I called my TPO officer and asked if the result is out he said some guy name Gaurav is selected and Party
I think everyone must sit for the convergys because they are not bulk recruiter and you will realize the competition.
17 selected from north India and 70 from all India.

Exam/Interview Date : 17-Mar-2010
No of Rounds : Technical Round
Location : Delhi
Contributor Name : Gaurav