(Paper) Latest Consagous Fresher Job Interview Paper Pattern : 24 Feb 2011

Latest Consagous Fresher Job Interview Paper Pattern : 24 Feb 2011

Company Name: Consagous
Type: Fresher, Job Interview

Hii Friends I am Kavita. I am sharing my experience about CONSAGOUS TECHNOLOGY recruitment held in Feb 2011.

There were overall 3 rounds

  • Group discussion
  • Technical (Written)
  • PI

Group discussion: GD-there were total 20 students in a group for GD. my topic was "IS India a soft nation".

Technical (Written): in written test there were questions mostly from.

  • Data structure
  • Software Engineering
  • Object Oriented Analysis and C Programming..

There were overall 50 question out of which 5 question were theoretical and rest of them were objective and there were some questions with multiple answers also.

I am discussing some of questions here.

  • What is RTTI?
  • What is the concept of paging in dot Net?
  • How does the compilation of c++ differs from c# and VB?
  • How many cases may be there for measuring the complexity of an algorithm?
  • Give the complexity of binary search algorithm?
  • How many stages are there in SDLC?
  • What does the Wait() and notify() function in java do?
  • What r general guidelines for coding?
  • What is UML?
  • In which phase UML is included in?

PI: there were 3 sections in PI

  • HR
  • Logical ability

HR: I suggest you Friends that you should know the things that you claims you know.

  • Define Yourself (most obvious)
  • Tell me your 3 skills which would help our organisation to grow?
  • Who is your role model?
  • What is your long term goal?
  • In case our company is hiring you only for two years then what will be your objective?
  • What you want to achieve in your life?
  • Why should we take you?

Technical: I mentioned my interest in OS and CN so most of questions were from that subjects.

  • what is difference between class and objects?
  • what is difference between methods and message?
  • what is thrashing?
  • modes of data communication
  • what is paging?
  • difference between multiple and hierarchal inheritance?
  • why multiple inheritance is not used in java?
  • what is interface?
  • implementation of interface?
  • what is namespace?
  • define OSI model?
  • how can you overcome thrashing?
  • what is your project?

Logical ability: This was the tricky portion.

  • How will you make 120 out of five zeros?
  • You have 4 points and you have to arrange them in equal distance and you don't have anything to measure then how will you arrange this points?

All The Best.

Exam/Interview Date: 24 February 2011
No of Rounds: Client/Manager Interview, HR Interview.