(Paper) Latest Consagous Fresher Job Interview Paper Pattern : 18th February 2011

Latest Consagous Fresher Job Interview Paper Pattern : 18th February 2011

Company Name: Consagous technologies Pvt. Ltd
Type: Fresher, Job Interview

Hi Friends. I am SIDDHARTH SONI from Indore and pursuing my BE from Lord Krishna College of Tech . The Consagous technologies (P) ltd. has been conducted a Campus in my college and I got the job.

Their were 3 Round conduct.

1) GD Round:

  • China is a threat for Indian IT industry or not
  • Adult Bollywood movies is good for teenager or not And many social issue..

2)Written test:

The written test was basically depends on the technical part. In this section all the question were related to the programming languages. Most of the question were related to the database, PHP , SQL ,and some number of question from the C and C++.

But there were 5 Question of theory part (technical)

  • what is RTTI (Runtime type identification)?
  • what is containership?
  • what is the difference b/w compilation process of C, VC++ and C#?
  • what is CLR?
  • Describe the page life cycle of ASP .NET page?

HR and Technical Interview: Finally after 2 Round I had selected for HR and Technical Interview Round , This was the Rapid fire round for me.

  • Describe your self
  • what is your Aim?
  • your strength and weakness
  • Difference b/w Method and Message
  • All the component of .NET framework
  • what is Boxing and N-Boxing
  • what is JIT?
  • Difference b/w Structure and Union
  • Difference b/w java script and VB script

HR question:

  • what is your AIM?
  • Position after two year
  • Will You prefer Relocation or not?
  • How much salary you expect?
  • How to overcome your weakness
  • What u know about Consagous

Really it was a very good experience with HR sir and with him Team. And finally after all the 3 round I got the job.
All The Best.

Exam/Interview Date: 18th February 2011
No of Rounds: Technical Round-1, Group Discussion - GD
Contributor Name: Siddharth.