(Paper) Latest Cognizant Technology Solutions (CTS) Placement Paper 21st, January 2011

Cognizant Technology Solutions (CTS) Placement Paper 20th & 21st, January 2011

Company Name: Cognizant Technology Solutions (CTS)
Type: Fresher, Job Interview
Hello friends, This is actually the TamilNadu StateLevel Placement Programme Held in Anand Instiitute on 20th and 21st of Jan 2011.

There are total Two rounds

  • One was aptitude Written Test and
  • the other was direct one-to-one Technical & HR interview.

Written Test Consists of:

--Analytical Section (Duration: 30minutes).
--Verbal Section and Reasoning (Duration: 30minutes).

Application consists of 55 question and time duration was 1 hr, 30 analytical (30 minutes) and 25 verbal (30 minutes). The sectional cut off was (12 ,10) if you get above 25 for 55 you will be called for next round, but don't think 25 is enough You should be very much conscious about your time ,do quickly in mind without using paper or pens.
Analytical was easy enough 2 solve and 2 select the answers within 30minutes, but verbal was a tough one, there was not much time to read the passage. Analytical consists of encoding, decoding, puzzles, pick odd one out, graphs and charts, etc.
Verbal and Non-verbal consists of 2 huge paragraphs which shall take time to read and figure the answer, rest questions were to pick out the correct statement , jumbled statements, to re-arrange. (for both tests referring R. S. Aggarwal is more than enough). After completion of the test it took about 6 hours to know the results as there were 3 batches altogether. Then after getting selected the next round i.e. Technical and HR was on the next day.

Technical / HR round:

This round took 1 hour for me. At first i wished my interviewer , he too wished and then told me to take a seat, then asked me to introduce myself, he asked me a tricky questions that 'y should u work in CTS when there are much upcoming MNC's?' , i replied. Next he viewed my resume and started to ask my interests, hobbies. Finally he started to shoot questions on me, and they were like.

  • Difference b/w RDBMS and DBMS?
  • Normalization.
  • Basic C and Java concepts (oops, structures, overloading) .
  • SQL queries (to write).
  • Data structure basics (How to perform operations on Stack, queue, sorting).
  • System Software and many more.

Many questions I was not able to reply correctly, but i was confident even in replying 'i am not sure' 2 whichever quest i was not confident of.
I thought he was over , but next he told me to explain about my project using architecture diagram. He started to ask more questions. I was fed up, he degraded mea lot saying until you tell the exact answer i shall never leave you. I became vexed, but never ever show your feelings and emotions through your face expressions, always react the same in every situation. Finally he enquired me whether i had any queries. I shooted him the very 1st question he asked me about CTS, this i asked in order to know more about the technology and development which has raised CTS into its peak. At last i bid him saying 'Thank you', he too replied the same. After 2hrs they said the result, as each of us were given numbers they called out the numbers of the candidates who got selected, thus finally they could out my number and I was selected and was one among the 498 candidates who got selected in technical round. I am really happy to be a part in Cognizant Family. I feel proud. This was my experience.


  • Always communicate in English even if you are not much confident with your grammar.
  • Always reply answers to whatever the interviewer asks, never be quiet.
  • Be confident in what you speak.
  • Also be bold enough 2 react the same when the interviewer tries to make you angry and irritates you by stressing through questioning.

Exam/Interview Date: 21st January 2011.
No of Rounds: Aptitude Test, Technical Round-1
Location: Chennai
Contributor Name: NISHA T.G. MANOJ



my apti was on 30 jan 2011...they told results would be announced in next week....

it would be uploaded on their website. can u tell me wher i need to check...???