(Paper) Latest Cognizant Fresher Job Interview Paper Pattern 13, January 2011


Latest Cognizant Fresher Job Interview Paper Pattern 13, January 2011

Company Name: Cognizant Technology Solutions.
Type: Fresher, Job Interview.
Hi Friends. I am a B.Tech student of B. P. Poddar Institute of Management & Technology on 13th January,2011 Cognizant visited our campu.
The format of the event was :

  • PPT (Stunning presentation)
  • Aptitude test
  • HR and Technical

It was 9:00 am when PPT started in Seminar Hall. Be attentive at the PPT to jot down the important facts and figures in the PPT. Sometimes those may be asked in your interview. At 10:30am we moved the respective class rooms for aptitude test.

Aptitude test
For aptitude test you have to fill the Company’s registration form given before exam. In that form there is an attached answer sheet.
In that form you have to write the following things:

  • Your best 4 subjects( For me these were C, Java, DS, DBMS)
  • Your hobby, extra curricular activities, interests
  • Your Strength, Weakness
  • Your expectation from Cognizant
  • Your inherent qualities that make you believe that you can be a software engineer. Also mention proper reason for that.

Aptitude test:  55 questions, 60 minutes (probably because I was son tensed I couldn’t watch my wristwatch)

Verbal + Analytical: Questions were really tough. I maintained my nerve. You should maintain yours because that 1 hour makes you through.
No negative marking was there.
At 3:00pm Aptitude Result came out. 251 candidates selected. I got selected in 17th panel.

Interview Experience:

I: May I come in sir?
HR: Yes (shacked hand with me) Sit down. Please give me 1 minute to check your CV.
(Tips: Before entering for PI don’t forget to bring your own printed CV with attached photo, Project reports, Original Testimonials in Display File, and a reserve Xerox copy for all testimonials)
HR: So tell me what makes u think that u can b a software engineer.
I: Told (Just explained my strengths and qualities)
HR: What do u mean by honesty?
I: Told
HR: Can be dishonest for your Company?
I: Yes, Sir..( explained the reasons)
HR: So u r not honest?
I: No sir, I am honest for my company because there is no ultimate way to be measure honesty. Like India thinks that she is honest. Pakistan also thinks that she is honest. Everything is respective. We need to have a reference to measure the Honesty.
HR: Tell me frankly. is Pakistan honest?
I: No told about ISI and terrorism)
HR: What do you know about Diplomacy?
I: Explained
HR: (explained how diplomacy needed in handling Clients) Ok tell me what is your weakness?
I: told. and gave the reason. I also gave an instance of life where I faced a huge problem for my weakness. Also explained how I have utilized my strength to overcome my weakness.
HR: what is the difference between Hard work and Smart Work?
I: told
HR: If you are a hard worker and completed your assigned project in 2days and your friend who is a smart worker completed the work in 1 day. what will you feel? Condition is both of u have been given 3day time to complete it?
I: told
HR: Suppose you completed 30 projects in 1 year with hard work. Ur friend completed 50. What will you say about it?
I: told
HR: Which subject do you prefer?
I: I have proficiency in all the subjects I have mentioned..
HR: ok tell me the difference between C and Java
I: Told..
HR: what do you know about array list..
I: Sorry sir, I don’t know it But I know about Array and Linked List..
HR: you haven’t read java util?
I: No sir, it was not in WBUT syllabus. Only vector class was there..
HR: ok what is vector class?
I: Told
HR: how to retrieve data from vector?
I: Told
HR: What form of data can be entered into vector?
I: told
HR: what do you know about Index..?
I: told
HR: Do you know bubble sort? Can u write it..
I: yes sir..
HR: Quick sort?
I: yes sir..
HR: write it..
I: wrote..
HR: now explain..
I: explained
HR: which sorting u prefer? Quck or bubble?
I: quick sort. Explained the reason.
HR: what is bubble sort?
HR: What is the best movie u have seen recently?
I: told..
HR: Any English movie?
I: told..
HR: tell me about a sequence of the film (he actually was verifying whether u have seen the movie or not..)
I: told.
HR: Have you seen godfather?
I: no..
HR: why?
I: explained
HR: ok nice to meet you do you have any question?
I: asked
HR: explained a little. and shacked hand with me..
Ok you may go now.
I: thank you sir.
On 17th January at 6:30 result came out. I got selected.
All The Best.

Exam/Interview Date: 13th, January 2011.
No of Rounds: Client/Manager Interview
Location: Kolkata
Contributor Name: Jayanta Dutta