(Paper) Latest Cap Gemini Fresher Job Interview Paper Pattern 24-January-2011

Latest Cap Gemini Fresher Job In

Latest Cap Gemini Fresher Job Interview Paper Pattern 24-January-2011

Company Name : Cap Gemini
Type : Fresher
Job Interview, Question Paper. CAP GEMINI visited our college, D. J. Sanghvi, Mumbai on January 24, 2011

There Are Total 3 Rounds:

  • Aptitude test
  • GD
  • PI (HR, Technical)

Number of students appeared: 52
Number of students cleared the aptitude: 25
Number of students cleared the GD:15
Number of students recruited after interview: 9

The procedure began around 9.00 am with a short PPT. After that aptitude test was conducted by the company in a serial manner. This time the questions were totally different from the previous year's papers. The test was conducted by a team named MERI TRACK.

We were given 3 sections of  Paper:

  • Verbal (20 questions 20 Minutes)
  • Analytical (20 questions 20 Minutes)
  • Quantitative (15 questions 15 Minutes)
  • Total time allotted: 55 minutes.

After the exam was over we were asked to gather at the seminar hall, where they were announcing the results of the aptitude test. My name was called at 5th.i cleared my aptitude. 25 people cleared it. After that we had group discussion,3 batches of 8-8-9 students. Topic for our group was India's Mission on Moon, when some people's basic needs are not even satisfied. I said well and told about 3-4 valid points. After 10 minutes they announced the result. From our group 4 people got selected and total of 15 people from all the groups were selected. Then they proceeded with the interview.

The technical as well as HR formed one interview and there were 2 interviewers one asking HR and other technical. They started like this:
Interviewer: time about yourself
I: told
Interviewer: ok now lets move on to technical..
Told to write me a simple query in which we had to use count. I wrote
Interviewer: what is s/w development life cycle?
I: told
Interviewer: Different models of software development
I: told
Interviewer: Do you know any scripting languages? Which one and explain
I: told
Interviewer: Difference between structured and object oriented languages
I: told
Interviewer: Features of object oriented languages
I: told
On the HR side they asked:
Looking at my mini projects, how was my role different from one project to another.
I: explained
He then asked if I put you in a domain that you don't like what will you do?
I: told
He then asked why CAP GEMINI?
I: told....read the site and try to take as much information as possible.
He: DO u have any questions for me?
I: Do u have any training for fresher (because that was not mentioned in the presentation)?
He: explained

Then they told ok fine and both the interviewers shook hands with me.Finally after 15 min results were announced and I was one of them.

All the best.

Exam/Interview Date : 24-Jan-2011
No of Rounds : Aptitude Test
Location : Mumbai
Contributor Name: Shradha J