(Paper) Latest CTS Fresher Job Interview Paper Pattern: 17-Jan-2011


Latest CTS Fresher Job Interview Paper Pattern: 17-Jan-2011

Company Name : CTS
Type : Fresher
Job Interview, Question Paper

Hi friends.I am subhasish Mondal student of FIEM from cse department. I am going to share my CTS experienced with you. CTS visit our college on 17-Jan-11.

CTS recruitment going through in 3 steps

  • PPT(Pre Placement Talk)
  • Aptitude Test
  • HR-Technical Round.

In case of Aptitude test you should prepare for this area. Aptitude consists two parts verbal & reasoning part. There 30 question from reasoning and 25 questions from verbal and there are 60 minutes to solve this(30 minutes each).

  • Statement conclusion
  • Odd man out
  • Figure puzzle
  • Puzzles
  • Syllogism
  • Data sufficiency
  • Data interpretation

R.S agarwal verbal reasoning books is enough for it.after 1hrs from aptitude our tpo declare the name of students who cleared aptitude test.340 students out of 450 students cleared in aptitude test. I was one of them.
Next the interview first the interviewer greeting me with a warm handshake. then he asked this questions.

  • Why CSE?
  • what are the subjects you read last semester?
  • what is the favorite subjects?
  • What is referential integrity?
  • what is foreign key? draw a table and show foreign key.
  • What is deletion anomaly?
  • what is lock? how many lock you ever heard?
  • where you use read lock and shared lock?
  • what is deadlock?
  • what is deadlock presentation?
  • tell me some procedure to detect deadlock.
  • what is distributed deadlock?
  • what are functions of local distributed and global distributed manager?
  • how you solve deadlock in distributed system?
  • then he asked do you know C? i answered yes then he asked how well like dbms or more than that? i answered like C. then he asked four more questions
  • from C.
  • What is union?
  • What are the differences between structure and union?
  • What is pointer?
  • Tell me some practical application of pointer.
  • what is link list?

I answered all of questions more or less correctly and full confidently. after asked so many questions he satisfied (i think). then he asked do you have any questions? please asked any questions related to their company. please don't asked anything regarding your interview please. then he told me nice to meet you.If you are CSE/IT students then you should technically sound(c,c++,ds,dbms,java at least).you also prepare for this type of questions like

why CTS?
why should I recruit you?
tell me about yourself. etc
one thing you should remember that you don't tell that you are preparing for CAT,MAT,GRE or any other exams.In interview room you keep yourself be cool, confident, fluent in English, smile on your face.Don't act like a over smart.CTS declared the name of student who got the job on 19th Jan '11. 244 students got the jobs and i was one of them.

I wish all of you.

Exam/Interview Date : 17-Jan-2011
No of Rounds : Aptitude Test, Technical Round.
Location : Kolkata
Contributor Name : Subhasish Mondal