(Paper) CTS Fresher Campus Drive Recruitment Paper Pattern: 30-Jan-2011

CTS Fresher Campus Drive Recruitment Paper Pattern: 30-Jan-2011

Company Name : CTS
Type : Fresher
Job Interview, Question Paper

 Hello Friends
This is Dhivya recently  I attended the CTS aptitude test on 30 jan '11.At the beginning they give a paper called "data sheet" in which u have to fill all details like Name ; Personal Information, Academic Details, Strength and Weakness, Software Professional ; Short Term and long Term Plan ; Expectation from CTS . They just give only 10-15 min to fill all these details suddenly without telling the time duration they ask us to start writing the exam so be careful we have to write as fast as we can. after completing the exam we can write these fill up form. as I got 10 minute time after completing my exam so I used my time by writing fill up form.

Paper Pattern

  • Analytical Section
  • Verbal Section

This blue print is the same as how they asked in exam. And I would like to give some tips regarding the exam.first to attend encoding and decoding ; figure sequence similar figure ; logical deductions and connectives ;correct incorrect sentence and then to passage finally end the exam with interpretation. as because interpretation questions are very tough and we could not able to solve as the calculations to be done are more.. so what i suggest u to attend it at last.This is the way I followed in my exam where I saved 10 min time. And at one week later i got mail stating i cleared Aptitude and asked me to come for Technical in maps on 5 Feb 2011 at 11.00 A.M. To my surprise there was GD round. All batch consists of 10 members. My HR was very Cool. He gave comfort by talking in general and he also told that its enough of talking at least one line but to talk bravely and loudly this was his criteria for selecting candidates but other HR insisted on grammatical usages it completely depends upon each HR. And to our surprise again he asked us as each and every person can talk their own topic. And we all got cleared in our Batch.

Technical HR.  I attended where at the beginning he asked generally about my college and my family. and
INT : he asked why my 10 , 12 , UG was reduced by 1 %.
ME : I explained
INT : he was satisfied. He then asked Why u came for IT field as u where from E.C.E. background.
ME : I explained... He asked me did u attend any Core Company. I said attended got selected also.
INT : Asked why u did not proceed with that company.
ME : I explained.
INT :He started asking what all languages (S/W) u know.
ME : Told (He cross checked the Data Sheet) I told I know Data Structure also
INT : He told good. Started asking questions from that...
INT : what is bubble sort
ME : explained
INT : quick sort , Linked list types and explain..
ME : explained
INT : what is other name for queue and stack
ME : explained
INT :asked to draw and explain Circular linked list
ME: explained
INT : asked to write programme
ME : I told confidently I don't know programme as I didn't prepare for it but i know all the logics.
INT : He said ok ! asked to explain Stack and Queue.
ME : explained
INT: finally told nice to meet u .Thank u and asked me to wait for results..
ME : thank you Sir.

After a long gap of 1 hour my Results came "I got Selected". After 5 mins they asked me to attend The Final Round

HR : he greeted me
ME : me too
HR : Asked me to show my certificates of 10 ,12 UG (This is nothing but to cross check the %)
ME : showed
HR : Told Your eligible
ME : felt happy
HR : Asked tell me about
ME : told
HR : asked about my college
ME : told
HR : finally told your eligible and also I am meeting all the criteria for CTS and he asked me to proceed. He also added to check mail for my HR results. Finally told Nice meeting you
ME : Told thank you Sir.

Exam/Interview Date : 30-Jan-2011
No of Rounds : Aptitude Test, Technical Round, GD, Client/Manager Interview
Location : Chennai
Contributor Name : S. Dhivya


round was not up to the marks but it finished with good enough