(Paper) Latest CSC Fresher Job Interview Paper Pattern : 10-May-2011

Latest CSC Fresher Job Interview Paper Pattern : 10-May-2011

Company Name : CSC
Type : Fresher
Job Interview, Question Paper

Total No of Rounds : 5

  • Aptitude
  • Written Technical
  • Then Communication  Skills Round
  • Tech Interview
  • HR Interview

The Entire process took about a day the questions asked in the aptitude are almost the ones given on placementpapers.net very very easy. they yet your speed . 40 questions in 40 minutes. the technical written has questions from binary tree, OS, networking, DS, and weird things like zener diode and all (these do not match with what we practice on placementpapers.net [or anywhere else] 75 questions in 40 minute. The communication skills round is easy.. just test your fluency"describe yourself as a human"

Technical Interview

  • Java- given a program what will be the output
  • Interfaces
  • What happens if we write main inside main
  • Cloud computing
  • Socket programming
  • More java.. lots of java

HR- general. location flexibility, describe yourself, time flexibility, that's about it. And also extra curricular.

All The Best

Exam/Interview Date : 10-May-2011
No of Rounds : Screening Test
Contributor Name : Rock star