(Paper) Latest CSC Fresher Job Interview Paper Pattern : 28-Jan-2011

Latest  CSC Fresher Job Interview Paper Pattern : 28-Jan-2011

Company Name : CSC (Computer  Sciences Corporation)
Type : Fresher, Job Interview, Question Paper.

Hi Friends
I am Balaji from siddharth Institute of Engineering and Technology. I attended for CSC held at VIT , as we registered for VIT. CSC came on 28-01-2011.
The placement started at 10am and they gave brief introduction about their company and benefits provided by them. At 11am they started the written exam.

 The procedure of CSC is as follows

Aptitude: (40 questions 40min)in half hour they will announce the short listed candidates for Technical written
Technical: (75 questions 40min) along with that we should write essay (10min)

Aptitude paper is damn easy to attempt because they will give basic questions anybody can attempt but some of the questions will very tough to attmept
You people start the paper from 26-40 you can complete it in 10-15min In 1-25 questions max 10 questions can be easy and find the easy questions and attempt it first and then you may have 4-5 minutes left see the questions and make a guess on it you can easily score 30 marks...
questions may be

1.3*3 Sudoku (5 questions damn easy)

2.if A(0,y)=y+1
A (x,y)=A(0,A(0,y))
they find A(0,3), A(1,2) you will have 5 questions which can attended damn easy

3.One geometry question
they will one diagram and distance covered from A to B like that questions will be given and find the distance like questions
you will get 2 questions some what tuff to find

4. total 75 students will be der, 25 know typing and 45 know short hand and 10 know neither typing and shorthand. find how many know both typing and shorthand

5. synonym-1,

6. 4 options will be given and will be ask to arrange the sentence.

7. one fill up with suitable word

8. 1 question from probability and 1 question from permutation
there will be two Childs for a mother. select randomly and find probability that both are girls....not sure...some what change will be der In permutation
they will be 11 men and 3 women.. a committee of should be formed such that there will be 2 men and 2 women....

9. 1.6(10pow9) divide by 4.8(10pow3)

 These are the questions in remember first 8 questions may be some what tough but can be answered start from the last you can easily answered the questions coming to Technical written As you already come to know that previous questions will be given....it is truth...definitely you will be given the same questions without changing the question number and options Refer the previous questions posted in the Fresher world and check the answer once searching in the goggle. you can attempt more than 65 questions. there ends the exam they will announce the short listed candidates for the next round with in half or one hour Nearly 500 students attended among them 288 cleared the aptitude  among 288 members 190 cleared the technical written These numbers will rise your anxiety that how many people had selected finally let me explain it and the next day we prepared well and went to the VIT campus and the panel members came and announced the batches per batch 10 members will be der mine was 5th batch for each batch, they will give you a topic and should be talked for 1 min just like Jam session The HR people will be cool There will be two persons one men and one women while the jam starts one will listen to your words and the other will correct your essay  we are all in the seminar hall and the panel people came and announced the names of 9 we thought that they are promoted to the next round we all shock that she told them that you can leave for day every body stranded and can't understand what is going on finally we came to know that  they need only few people in the replacements talk they had given a number that, they will recruit in the 1:30 ratio that mean for 30 people only one will be selected all the people attended the jam section they disqualified entire batches...and they selected few members. Here ends my journey I also disqualified from my college 2 members are short listed for the Technical Interview.I am happy to tell that, he is my batch mate in the project. I came to know that from him....they will check our confidence level.asked him to write the program for prime number while he is writing he asked him to come...just they will test our confidence. then he said you are promoted to the next round take the break and come again and for the interview. If you complete the communication round( JAM) 75% you are selected...

Mainly you should be aware of the project if any done.
HR round will be the cake walk, just it is for the formality.

Now total number of students attend is 500(approx)

  • Aptitude-288

  • Written-190

  • Finally selected - 10

It will be shock to every body
Al The Best.

Exam/Interview Date : 28-Jan-2011
No of Rounds : Aptitude Test, Technical Round.
Contributor Name: E Balaji